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Buddhi Vikasitha 92buddhiv at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 11:07:24 CET 2016

I'm Buddhi Vikasitha, an undergraduate of the Department of Computer
Science and Engineering at University of Moratuwa.

I thought about contributing to major projects while doing my studies at
the university. Searching for some potential opportunities to work, I saw
that you offer student developers to work with your projects. Also there
was the link to GSoC 2016 project details.

I was very happy you have programs for students. I would like to know and
join if there is any more programs offered for students than letting us
contribute by code. But even with contributing to the phpMyAdmin Community
I have a lot to know yet.

Can I know some answers to my questions? About how can I get started, what
kind of work is there, and how can I contribute to your projects, how to
get to know your people from here, etc. is what need to know. A more
detailed explanation than the webpage is what I seek for. At GSoC 2016 I am
more than happy to contribute to you because contributing to a major
project in the world is what I am going achieve these days. I need
information about the above points if you are happy to provide them.

Hope you get back to me with a reply to this. Thank you very much.
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