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Hello Shriti Arora and welcome to you and your team members.

Manish and Raghuram both have written quite good information; I'll just
add a few things in-line below.

On 8/6/17 11:26 AM, Shriti Arora wrote:
> Dear Sir/Ma'am 
> I am Shriti Arora , an engineering student majoring in Computer Science
> from India. 
> My team members and I are deeply interested in contributing in the open
> source of Phpmyadmin. 

We always welcome new contributors and enjoy getting pull requests.

> As novice open source developers, we'd like to know how can we
> contribute to Phpmyadmin so that it aids in your growth as well as our
> learning experience. Having gone through similar projects, We have the
> following idea:
> While working on this project our main focus would be fixing issues that
> come up daily along with contributing in the code for the upcoming
> future features. 

As you can see in the issue tracker[1], there are many issues that come
in and simply haven't been properly confirmed and tested or haven't yet
been fixed.

You and your team are welcome to jump in and begin looking through to
see if there's any issue that catches your attention. For some bigger
issues, we recommend discussing them first (on this mailing list or in
the tracker itself) in case there is some implementation detail that
needs to be decided.

There's a wiki with some pages that might be helpful[2] and the issue
tracker has some 'newbie' issues tagged[3] which are recommended for new

> We have taken this as a college project , which would be graded at the
> end of the semester. 

How would you be graded on this; would the professor ask for anything
from the phpMyAdmin team or simply follow your work and code
contributions through the semester?

> Your assistance in this matter is highly appreciated.Looking forward to
> hearing from you
> Regards, 
> Shriti Arora

Thanks for your interest and best wishes,

1 - https://github.com/phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin/issues/
2 - https://github.com/phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin/wiki/Developer_guidelines
3 -

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