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Michal Čihař michal at cihar.com
Fri Aug 11 15:43:32 CEST 2017


Isaac Bennetch píše v Pá 11. 08. 2017 v 09:28 -0400:
> I was looking at some of the JavaScript function names, in particular
> in js/pma/move.js and the names are a mess; 

Well actually whole designer code is a bit messy - it's only piece of
our code which doesn't use jQuery and other modern features (except
some new pieces which have been added later). Most of this file is
actually 10 years old :-).

> we have many different
> variations of naming technique. That led me to look for any coding
> style guides; I know we have one for PHP files[1] but it's not clear
> if we use the same standards for JavaScript files. We can improve our
> documentation about this (unless I just missed some documentation
> that
> already exists). Any input about what we should use here? Most of the
> rest of the JS files seem to use PEAR-standard function names, at
> least based on a quick look I just did. If we all agree on that, we
> can just add a bit to the wiki telling people to use those same
> standards for JS files.

I'm not really sure what are best practices in the JS world, but we
should rather try to hold to that instead of using PHP style things in
JS. We can then configure Codacy (or other tool) to do such checks.

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