[phpMyAdmin Developers] About support for the themes repository

Isaac Bennetch bennetch at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 03:21:02 CET 2017


On the Themes web page, we say:

> Support for themes
> Themes are provided by third parties and the phpMyAdmin team does
> not provide any support for them, please contact original authors
> for improvements or security fixes."

But since we now host the theme repository with a related issue tracker
and ability to receive pull requests, we may want to revisit the
phrasing of this.

I'm not sure if we should continue to refer users to the original
author, or if we should encourage authors to monitor the issue tracker
on Github. Part of the problem here is that, if a theme author has their
own repository, it makes it more difficult to submit pull requests
against our repository; if a user wishes to make a change to a theme, do
they suggest it to the original author (who may be unreachable or not
interested) or directly to our themes repository.

I propose that themes should remain unsupported by the official team and
that the themes repository should be the official place to submit pull
requests or issues. If a theme author has provided their email address,
users can also contact them directly, but by maintaining our repository
as the official source, users can easily submit improvements without
having to track down the original author. Besides, we seem to do some
work updating themes anyway; it's better to do it in one place.

Therefore, the language of the themes page can be changed to:

> Support for themes
> Themes are provided by third parties and the phpMyAdmin team does not
> officially provide support for them. However, to maintain a
> consistent experience, bugs or suggestions can be made at the [issue
> tracker] and theme authors are encouraged to subscribe to
> notifications from this repository. [Pull requests] are also
> welcome.

Any opinions about this?

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