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Michal Čihař michal at cihar.com
Tue Feb 21 10:07:04 CET 2017


Isaac Bennetch píše v Po 20. 02. 2017 v 21:21 -0500:
> Hi,
> On the Themes web page, we say:
> > Support for themes
> > 
> > Themes are provided by third parties and the phpMyAdmin team does
> > not provide any support for them, please contact original authors
> > for improvements or security fixes."
> But since we now host the theme repository with a related issue
> tracker
> and ability to receive pull requests, we may want to revisit the
> phrasing of this.
> I'm not sure if we should continue to refer users to the original
> author, or if we should encourage authors to monitor the issue
> tracker
> on Github. Part of the problem here is that, if a theme author has
> their
> own repository, it makes it more difficult to submit pull requests
> against our repository; if a user wishes to make a change to a theme,
> do
> they suggest it to the original author (who may be unreachable or not
> interested) or directly to our themes repository.
> I propose that themes should remain unsupported by the official team
> and
> that the themes repository should be the official place to submit
> pull
> requests or issues. If a theme author has provided their email
> address,
> users can also contact them directly, but by maintaining our
> repository
> as the official source, users can easily submit improvements without
> having to track down the original author. Besides, we seem to do some
> work updating themes anyway; it's better to do it in one place.
> Therefore, the language of the themes page can be changed to:
> > Support for themes
> > 
> > Themes are provided by third parties and the phpMyAdmin team does
> > not
> > officially provide support for them. However, to maintain a

I'd remove word officially here. This way it sounds to me like we're
providing support, but don't want to commit to it, what might set false

> > consistent experience, bugs or suggestions can be made at the
> > [issue
> > tracker] and theme authors are encouraged to subscribe to
> > notifications from this repository. [Pull requests] are also
> > welcome.
> Any opinions about this?

Such change sounds reasonable. 

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