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Michal Čihař michal at cihar.com
Wed Mar 1 09:38:05 CET 2017


Alec Teal píše v Po 02. 01. 2017 v 14:40 +0000:
> I was thinking about this, while it is "wrong" for the reasons stated
> it could be modified into an "are you sure". Delete and update
> queries are the "dangerous" ones, and both of these have where
> clauses, how hard would it be to say "you'll potentially bugger up
> 1,000,000 rows, see result set below".

Honestly I don't think we should add more confirmations for people
writing SQL themselves. Most of them would be annoyed by this and would
turn of the confirmations immediately. The rest would keep them open,
but would get used to click on them after every query, so I doubt this
will serve the purpose well.

Obviously you can do harm with SQL, but there is no way we could figure
out whether given query is actually dangerous or not. For example when
the query involves stored procedures or triggers, you have no way to
figure out from the query itself what it actually does.

We already do confirmations for some (DROP/DELETE/TRUNCATE) queries and
I think this is good enough.

PS: This feature was broken in half of the places, I've just fixed it:

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