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I wouldn’t go Discord on this one, the main feature for Discord is (in my opinion) the voice chat, which I don’t think it’ll help.

I’ve been part of the mailing list for years and having Slack would be a great addition, specially for tracking progress and communicating with the GSoC students, I wouldn’t like to replace the mailing list with Slack though.

As for the invitation only, we can just place a link to it wherever, that person would be asked for an email address and that’s it.


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A good alternative to Slack would be Gitter [0]. Another would be the Discord app [1].

[0] https://gitter.im/
[1] https://discordapp.com/

Maurício Meneghini Fauth

On Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 11:18 AM, Michal Čihař <michal at cihar.com<mailto:michal at cihar.com>> wrote:

Manish Bisht píše v St 01. 03. 2017 v 16:20 +0530:
> The slack is more better for team discussions then IRC/mailing list.

Why exactly is it better?

I've just quickly tried that. What surprised me most is that it's
invite only. Is there some way to allow people to join without inviting
them first? This really sounds ridiculous for free software project...

There seems to be something what they call "Guest Accounts". I have no
clue how that works, but that is available only in paid plans.

Also is there way to make the archives publicly available?

> For the starting phase we can take gsoc and prefer to make gsoc
> conversions there. Then the phpmyadmin team can see the results and
> if most of the people agree then we can move to slack. Here are the
> links which tells the slack features and why it is better over IRC.
> https://thenextweb.com/insider/2015/03/24/slack-is-quietly-unintentio
> nally-killing-irc/#.tnw_iDkdSVCS
> https://slack.com/is

I can also find some links:


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