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Sun Mar 19 15:17:53 CET 2017

Hi Vivek Modi,

On 3/19/17 12:48 AM, vivek modi wrote:
> hey there,
> In the GSoC 17 ideas list it was written "For both enhancement
> collection projects, students are welcome to modify this list in order
> to swap out for other enhancements that are interesting; this list is
> simply a suggestion." in both the Enhancement Collection A and B.
> Can anyone explain how and what enhancement should we swap in or out?

Basically, if you see an item listed on the enhancement list that you
don't have much interest in, or see something in the bug tracker that
isn't already assigned that does catch your interest, you can modify the
list. Likewise, if you look over the enhancement list and find that it
doesn't fit the schedule well, you can adjust by adding or removing
items so that your proposed schedule fits the GSoC guidelines.

The items you'll be swapping would be from the issue tracker, looking
for issues that are not assigned.

> And
> Can we add our own feature in this enhancement section or we will have
> to write the proposal including it as our own idea?

If you mean modifying the wiki itself, I'd prefer if you don't, but when
you submit your proposal you can feel free to put whatever ideas
interest you. The project is supposed to be about what challenges,
interests, and excites you. When creating your proposal, you can just
put your own ideas alongside the ones from the wiki, changing whatever
parts you wish. It's helpful if you specifically call our attention to
it (with something like *modified from ideas list* or "my own idea" or
whatever text you prefer), but that isn't required.

Hope I've answered your questions,

> Thanks
> Vivek Modi
> Durgapur,INDIA.
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