[phpMyAdmin Developers] Setting up error reporting server

Lakshay arora arora.lakshya123 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 10:46:43 CET 2018

Hi all,
I am trying to set up the error reporting server on xampp by following the
steps in the how to deploy section of the readme of error-reporting server
repo <https://github.com/phpmyadmin/error-reporting-server/>

The second and third  step say

Add a virtual hosts entry pointing at the directory where you extracted the
files in the previous step. Make sure that the installation is in the
document root.
Configure the web server

I've added the virtual host entry point in the httpd.conf file and enabled

I've only been able to do this step properly, after this step, opening
localhost opens the error reporting server and i'm unable to visit anything

The fourth step says
create the database for the server

It doesn't tell the info of the database, what to create??

The last step says
Run the migrations that have been created so far to setup the database
For new system: just run migration sudo bin/cake migrations migrate
Running the command gives the following error

Exception: There was a problem connecting to the database: SQLSTATE[HY000]
[2002] No such file or directory in
line 115]
Followed by many other errors.

Next section is oauth setup config.
what should be the developors callback? the whole path?
http://localhost/error-reportong-server/developrs/callback ??

Next is setting up the webhook-
I don't understand anything in this section.
The target repo is the phpmadmin/phpmyadmin repo, how can I add a webhook
in that repo??

Kindly help
Lakshay arora
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