[phpMyAdmin Developers] phpMyAdmin 4.8.1 is released

Isaac Bennetch bennetch at gmail.com
Fri May 25 05:29:53 CEST 2018

Welcome to phpMyAdmin 4.8.1, a bug fix release.

A complete list of changes and bugs fixed is available from the
ChangeLog file or changelog.php included with this release.

A few highlights of bugs fixed include:

* Fix to the scrollbar functionality and Browse table CSS overflow
* Dropping indexes and keys fails
* Show two factor (2FA) secret code next to QR image
* Configuration for DefaultLang and Lang
* MariaDB 10.2 'current_timestamp()'
* Remember table sorting is broken

Known issues:

* Unable to log in with MySQL 8.0.11 (bug #14220, see also
* A few users have reported being unable to log in with a persistent
error message "Failed to set session cookie. Maybe you are using HTTP
instead of HTTPS". In some cases, clearing the phpMyAdmin cookies
('pma*') resolves the issue.

As always, downloads are available from https://www.phpmyadmin.net

The phpMyAdmin team

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