[phpMyAdmin Developers] phpmyadmin likely to be removed from the next Debian release

Tim Small tim at seoss.co.uk
Wed Jan 23 11:39:04 CET 2019


Just a heads up - not sure if you are aware, but I noticed that there is
no one actively maintaining the phpmyadmin Debian package at the moment
- the packaged version in Debian is currently 4.6.6.


Due to this bug:


... As it stands, phpmyadmin will be dropped from Debian, and likely
from Ubuntu too in the next release (unless the Ubuntu team adopt it

Do you know if there's anyone available to maintain it during the Debian
10 release lifetime?  Once the initial work to update the Debian package
to 4.8.4 is done, that means pushing security updates, and addressing
Debian bug reports whilst Debian 10 is a stable release.


FWIW, the version of PHP currently included with Debian 10 is 7.3.1.

Unfortunately I'm not really in a position to take this on myself, as I
haven't touched any php for > 5 years now - I noticed this because
someone happened to ask me to check which version of phpmyadmin will be
shipping in Debian 10!



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