[phpMyAdmin Developers] The phpMyAdmin repo on GitHub is a Dev (uninstalled) version. Thus many files are NOT even there. How do we commit fixes to THOSE missing files?

Maurício Meneghini Fauth mauricio at fauth.dev
Sat Jul 10 00:35:19 CEST 2021

On Fri, Jul 9, 2021 at 6:43 PM Angelo Grebenarov <grebenarov at gmail.com>

> Hi Maurício,
> Thank you very much for your detailed answers to my questions! Your
> explanations were even better than the information on the repo site, thanks
> to which I was able to do the fix and right now I am literally at the last
> step:
> - Creating a pull request for my change - but there it says: "..for bug
> fixes in a released version use the corresponding QA BRANCH.." but those
> branches only go up to QA_5_1, whereas my fix is for 5.2. (I.e.: An
> UNreleased version.)
> Which branch shall I Create the pull request to?

In this case you should target the master branch.

> Thank you again,
> Angelo
> On Thu, Jul 8, 2021 at 10:33 PM Maurício Meneghini Fauth <
> mauricio at fauth.dev> wrote:
>> Em qui, 8 de jul de 2021 22:48, Angelo Grebenarov <grebenarov at gmail.com>
>> escreveu:
>>> Hi all,
>> Hi Angelo,
>> I have a lot of experience with PHP/MySQL but not much with Git. I figure
>>> this question should be an easy one for you but I can't figure it out and
>>> would really appreciate your answer(s).
>>> Here is my question:
>>> I've downloaded and installed phpMyAdmin from Git using the "composer
>>> update" and "yarn install --production" commands. The installation was fine
>>> and *I fixed a bug that happens to be in the
>>> \themes\pmahomme\css\theme.css file*. So far so good but when I tried
>>> "commit"-ing the change it turns out the file *theme.css* in NOT EVEN
>>> THERE on the original GitHub master repo, due to - (of course) it's NOT
>>> installed and the \themes\pmahomme\css\ folder is actually empty (no files
>>> at all there).
>> The theme.css file is a generated file, that is why it is not in the
>> repository. You have to change the files inside the scss directory and then
>> run "yarn build" to compile the Sass files into CSS files.
>> -- How can I commit a change to theme.css if theme.css is not even there
>>> in master?
>> The theme.css is an ignored file. See the .gitignore file.
>> -- Also: I forked the master repo to MY GitHub account and then cloned it
>>> down to my local machine. *Now do I commit DIRECTLY TO
>>> phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin -> master?* (Different places have that
>>> information differently - some do NOT mention I need to fork - but suggest
>>> cloning directly from "master" - I wanted to know ONE CORRECT WORKING WAY
>>> of the whole procedure.)
>> You can't commit directly to phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin repository because you
>> don't have the necessary permissions. But you can pull from this
>> repository, since it is public.
>> The common workflow for GitHub is to fork the repository and clone the
>> forked repository locally. Then you can add the upstream repository as an
>> additional remote with the "git remote" command to be able to pull new
>> changes.
>> If you want to contribute some changes, you can create a new branch, then
>> commit the changes, then push this branch to your forked repository, and
>> finally open a pull request on GitHub.
>> I would really appreciate your answers to the (what turned out to be) 2
>>> questions.
>>> Thank you,
>>> Angelo Grebenarov
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