[Phpmyadmin-git] [SCM] phpMyAdmin branch, master, updated. RELEASE_3_3_3-3746-g9cfb68b

Michal Čihař nijel at users.sourceforge.net
Mon May 24 11:03:12 CEST 2010

The branch, master has been updated
       via  9cfb68b99aa1ac458a520916b0b6b76e1e83a09b (commit)
      from  ff00107f1e744aad9f839461cbe6f1bb76a03a4b (commit)

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit 9cfb68b99aa1ac458a520916b0b6b76e1e83a09b
Author: Michal Čihař <mcihar at novell.com>
Date:   Mon May 24 11:02:43 2010 +0200

    Remove unused message strings from messages.inc.php (C).


Summary of changes:
 libraries/messages.inc.php |   89 --------------------------------------------
 1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 89 deletions(-)

diff --git a/libraries/messages.inc.php b/libraries/messages.inc.php
index 873e7d2..1e46591 100644
--- a/libraries/messages.inc.php
+++ b/libraries/messages.inc.php
@@ -18,95 +18,6 @@ $charset = 'utf-8';
 /* l10n: Text direction, use either ltr or rtl */
 $text_dir = __('ltr');
-$strCalendar = __('Calendar');
-$strCancel = __('Cancel');
-$strCanNotLoadExportPlugins = __('Could not load export plugins, please check your installation!');
-$strCanNotLoadImportPlugins = __('Could not load import plugins, please check your installation!');
-$strCannotLogin = __('Cannot log in to the MySQL server');
-$strCantLoad = __('Cannot load [a at http://php.net/%1$s at Documentation][em]%1$s[/em][/a] extension. Please check your PHP configuration.');
-$strCantLoadRecodeIconv = __('Couldn\'t load the iconv or recode extension needed for charset conversion. Either configure PHP to enable these extensions or disable charset conversion in phpMyAdmin.');
-$strCantRenameIdxToPrimary = __('Can\'t rename index to PRIMARY!');
-$strCantUseRecodeIconv = __('Couldn\'t use the iconv, libiconv, or recode_string functions, although the necessary extensions appear to be loaded. Check your PHP configuration.');
-$strCardinality = __('Cardinality');
-$strCaseInsensitive = __('case-insensitive');
-$strCaseSensitive = __('case-sensitive');
-$strCentralEuropean = __('Central European');
-$strChange = __('Change');
-$strChangeCopyModeCopy = __('... keep the old one.');
-$strChangeCopyMode = __('Create a new user with the same privileges and ...');
-$strChangeCopyModeDeleteAndReload = __(' ... delete the old one from the user tables and reload the privileges afterwards.');
-$strChangeCopyModeJustDelete = __(' ... delete the old one from the user tables.');
-$strChangeCopyModeRevoke = __(' ... revoke all active privileges from the old one and delete it afterwards.');
-$strChangeCopyUser = __('Change Login Information / Copy User');
-$strChangeDisplay = __('Choose field to display');
-$strChangePassword = __('Change password');
-$strCharset = __('Charset');
-$strCharsetOfFile = __('Character set of the file:');
-$strCharsetsAndCollations = __('Character Sets and Collations');
-$strCharsets = __('Charsets');
-$strCheckAll = __('Check All');
-$strCheck = __('Check');
-$strCheckOverhead = __('Check tables having overhead');
-$strCheckPrivs = __('Check Privileges');
-$strCheckPrivsLong = __('Check privileges for database "%s".');
-$strCheckTable = __('Check table');
-$strChoosePage = __('Please choose a page to edit');
-$strClickToSelect = __('Click to select');
-$strClickToUnselect = __('Click to unselect');
-$strColComFeat = __('Displaying Column Comments');
-$strCollation = __('Collation');
-$strColumnNames = __('Column names');
-$strColumnPrivileges = __('Column-specific privileges');
-$strCommand = __('Command');
-$strComment = __('Comment');
-$strComments = __('Comments');
-$strCompatibleHashing = __('MySQL 4.0 compatible');
-$strCompleteInserts = __('Complete inserts');
-$strCompression = __('Compression');
-$strCompressionWillBeDetected = __('Imported file compression will be automatically detected from: %s');
-$strConfigDefaultFileError = __('Could not load default configuration from: "%1$s"');
-$strConfigDirectoryWarning = __('Directory [code]config[/code], which is used by the setup script, still exists in your phpMyAdmin directory. You should remove it once phpMyAdmin has been configured.');
-$strConfigFileError = __('phpMyAdmin was unable to read your configuration file!<br />This might happen if PHP finds a parse error in it or PHP cannot find the file.<br />Please call the configuration file directly using the link below and read the PHP error message(s) that you receive. In most cases a quote or a semicolon is missing somewhere.<br />If you receive a blank page, everything is fine.');
-$strConfigureTableCoord = __('Please configure the coordinates for table %s');
-$strConnectionError = __('Cannot connect: invalid settings.');
-$strConnections = __('Connections');
-$strConstraintsForDumped = __('Constraints for dumped tables');
-$strConstraintsForTable = __('Constraints for table');
-$strControluserFailed = __('Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed.');
-$strCookiesRequired = __('Cookies must be enabled past this point.');
-$strCopyDatabaseOK = __('Database %s has been copied to %s');
-$strCopyTable = __('Copy table to (database<b>.</b>table):');
-$strCopyTableOK = __('Table %s has been copied to %s.');
-$strCopyTableSameNames = __('Can\'t copy table to same one!');
-$strCouldNotConnectSource = __('Could not connect to the source');
-$strCouldNotConnectTarget = __('Could not connect to the target');
-$strCouldNotKill = __('phpMyAdmin was unable to kill thread %s. It probably has already been closed.');
-$strCreate = __('Create');
-$strCreateDatabaseBeforeCopying = __('CREATE DATABASE before copying');
-$strCreateIndex = __('Create an index on %s columns');
-$strCreateIndexTopic = __('Create a new index');
-$strCreateNewDatabase = __('Create new database');
-$strCreateNewTable = __('Create table on database %s');
-$strCreatePage = __('Create a page');
-$strCreatePdfFeat = __('Creation of PDFs');
-$strCreateRelation = __('Create relation');
-$strCreateTable  = __('Create table');
-$strCreateTableShort = _pgettext('$strCreateTableShort', 'Create table');
-$strCreateUserDatabase = __('Database for user');
-$strCreateUserDatabaseName = __('Create database with same name and grant all privileges');
-$strCreateUserDatabaseNone = _pgettext('$strCreateUserDatabaseNone', 'None');
-$strCreateUserDatabasePrivileges = __('Grant all privileges on database "%s"');
-$strCreateUserDatabaseWildcard = __('Grant all privileges on wildcard name (username\_%)');
-$strCreationDates = __('Creation/Update/Check dates');
-$strCriteria = __('Criteria');
-$strCroatian = __('Croatian');
-$strCSV = __('CSV');
-$strCurrentServer = __('Current server');
-$strCustomColor = __('Custom color');
-$strCyrillic = __('Cyrillic');
-$strCzech = __('Czech');
-$strCzechSlovak = __('Czech-Slovak');
 $strDanish = __('Danish');
 $strDatabase = __('Database');
 $strDatabaseEmpty = __('The database name is empty!');


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