[Phpmyadmin-git] [SCM] phpMyAdmin branch, master, updated. RELEASE_3_3_3-3751-gf33f823

Michal Čihař nijel at users.sourceforge.net
Mon May 24 11:24:15 CEST 2010

The branch, master has been updated
       via  f33f82386e37590594238347371430df4806849c (commit)
       via  ac2087a3e88f6451f7a0a195d86fb57ec02d8cc4 (commit)
       via  1a923fe9c6555b89f313df7634549a41bdbf7b33 (commit)
       via  019a34b707117ba44e7cb145cb50d09099525a2f (commit)
       via  cc06b6df97b5d7e5edd36ab6c1d0226cf58308a4 (commit)
      from  9cfb68b99aa1ac458a520916b0b6b76e1e83a09b (commit)

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit f33f82386e37590594238347371430df4806849c
Author: Michal Čihař <mcihar at novell.com>
Date:   Mon May 24 11:23:29 2010 +0200

    Use correct message and escape for js.

commit ac2087a3e88f6451f7a0a195d86fb57ec02d8cc4
Author: Michal Čihař <mcihar at novell.com>
Date:   Mon May 24 11:18:25 2010 +0200

    Gettext usage.

commit 1a923fe9c6555b89f313df7634549a41bdbf7b33
Author: Michal Čihař <mcihar at novell.com>
Date:   Mon May 24 11:13:18 2010 +0200

    Proper escaping.

commit 019a34b707117ba44e7cb145cb50d09099525a2f
Author: Michal Čihař <mcihar at novell.com>
Date:   Mon May 24 11:08:54 2010 +0200

    Remove all message strings not present anywhere in the code.

commit cc06b6df97b5d7e5edd36ab6c1d0226cf58308a4
Author: Michal Čihař <mcihar at novell.com>
Date:   Mon May 24 11:08:43 2010 +0200

    Adjust to work better with current master.


Summary of changes:
 libraries/export/sql.php          |   21 +-
 libraries/messages.inc.php        |  896 -------------------------------------
 libraries/replication_gui.lib.php |   18 +-
 scripts/find_unused_messages.sh   |    2 +-
 tbl_tracking.php                  |    2 +-
 5 files changed, 23 insertions(+), 916 deletions(-)

diff --git a/libraries/export/sql.php b/libraries/export/sql.php
index 1b2b1d1..31f35c4 100644
--- a/libraries/export/sql.php
+++ b/libraries/export/sql.php
@@ -26,8 +26,7 @@ if (isset($plugin_list)) {
             'extension' => 'sql',
             'mime_type' => 'text/x-sql',
             'options' => array(
-                array('type' => 'text', 'name' => 'header_comment', 'text' => __('Add custom comment into header (
- splits lines)')),
+                array('type' => 'text', 'name' => 'header_comment', 'text' => __('Add custom comment into header (\\n splits lines)')),
                 array('type' => 'bool', 'name' => 'include_comments', 'text' => __('Comments')),
                 array('type' => 'bool', 'name' => 'use_transaction', 'text' => __('Enclose export in a transaction')),
                 array('type' => 'bool', 'name' => 'disable_fk', 'text' => __('Disable foreign key checks')),
@@ -153,7 +152,7 @@ function PMA_exportComment($text = '')
  * Possibly outputs CRLF
- * @return  string  $crlf or nothing 
+ * @return  string  $crlf or nothing
 function PMA_possibleCRLF()
@@ -723,7 +722,7 @@ function PMA_getTableComments($db, $table, $crlf, $do_relation = false,  $do_mim
     if (isset($mime_map) && count($mime_map) > 0) {
-        $schema_create .= PMA_possibleCRLF() 
+        $schema_create .= PMA_possibleCRLF()
                        . PMA_exportComment()
                        . PMA_exportComment(__('MIME TYPES FOR TABLE'). ' ' . PMA_backquote($table, $sql_backquotes) . ':');
@@ -735,7 +734,7 @@ function PMA_getTableComments($db, $table, $crlf, $do_relation = false,  $do_mim
     if ($have_rel) {
-        $schema_create .= PMA_possibleCRLF() 
+        $schema_create .= PMA_possibleCRLF()
                        . PMA_exportComment()
                        . PMA_exportComment(__('RELATIONS FOR TABLE'). ' ' . PMA_backquote($table, $sql_backquotes) . ':');
         foreach ($res_rel AS $rel_field => $rel) {
@@ -776,9 +775,9 @@ function PMA_exportStructure($db, $table, $crlf, $error_url, $relation = FALSE,
     $formatted_table_name = (isset($GLOBALS['sql_backquotes']))
                           ? PMA_backquote($table)
                           : '\'' . $table . '\'';
-    $dump = PMA_possibleCRLF() 
+    $dump = PMA_possibleCRLF()
           . PMA_exportComment(str_repeat('-', 56))
-          . PMA_possibleCRLF() 
+          . PMA_possibleCRLF()
           . PMA_exportComment();
     switch($export_mode) {
@@ -789,10 +788,10 @@ function PMA_exportStructure($db, $table, $crlf, $error_url, $relation = FALSE,
             $dump .= PMA_getTableComments($db, $table, $crlf, $relation, $mime);
         case 'triggers':
-            $dump = ''; 
+            $dump = '';
             $triggers = PMA_DBI_get_triggers($db, $table);
             if ($triggers) {
-                $dump .=  PMA_possibleCRLF() 
+                $dump .=  PMA_possibleCRLF()
                       . PMA_exportComment()
                       . PMA_exportComment(__('Triggers') . ' ' . $formatted_table_name)
                       . PMA_exportComment();
@@ -863,7 +862,7 @@ function PMA_exportData($db, $table, $crlf, $error_url, $sql_query)
     // Do not export data for a VIEW
     // (For a VIEW, this is called only when exporting a single VIEW)
     if (PMA_Table::isView($db, $table)) {
-        $head = PMA_possibleCRLF() 
+        $head = PMA_possibleCRLF()
           . PMA_exportComment()
           . PMA_exportComment('VIEW ' . ' ' . $formatted_table_name)
           . PMA_exportComment(__('Data') . ': ' . __('None'))
@@ -877,7 +876,7 @@ function PMA_exportData($db, $table, $crlf, $error_url, $sql_query)
     // it's not a VIEW
-    $head = PMA_possibleCRLF() 
+    $head = PMA_possibleCRLF()
           . PMA_exportComment()
           . PMA_exportComment(__('Dumping data for table') . ' ' . $formatted_table_name)
           . PMA_exportComment();
diff --git a/libraries/messages.inc.php b/libraries/messages.inc.php
index 1e46591..f411b9f 100644
--- a/libraries/messages.inc.php
+++ b/libraries/messages.inc.php
@@ -18,686 +18,33 @@ $charset = 'utf-8';
 /* l10n: Text direction, use either ltr or rtl */
 $text_dir = __('ltr');
-$strDanish = __('Danish');
-$strDatabase = __('Database');
-$strDatabaseEmpty = __('The database name is empty!');
-$strDatabaseExportOptions = __('Database export options');
-$strDatabaseHasBeenCreated = __('Database %1$s has been created.');
-$strDatabaseHasBeenDropped = __('Database %s has been dropped.');
-$strDatabaseNotExisting = __('\'%s\' database does not exist.');
-$strDatabases = __('Databases');
-$strDatabasesDropped = __('%s databases have been dropped successfully.');
-$strDatabase_src = __('Source database');
-$strDatabasesStats = __('Databases statistics');
-$strDatabasesStatsDisable = __('Disable Statistics');
-$strDatabasesStatsEnable = __('Enable Statistics');
-$strDatabasesStatsHeavyTraffic = __('Note: Enabling the database statistics here might cause heavy traffic between the web server and the MySQL server.');
-$strDatabase_trg = __('Target database');
-$strData = __('Data');
-$strDataDict = __('Data Dictionary');
-$strDataDiff = __('Data Difference');
-$strDataOnly = __('Data only');
-$strDataPages = __('Pages containing data');
-$strDataSyn = __('Data Synchronization');
-$strDBComment = __('Database comment: ');
-$strDBCopy = __('Copy database to');
-$strDbIsEmpty = __('Database seems to be empty!');
-$strDbPrivileges = __('Database-specific privileges');
-$strDBRename = __('Rename database to');
-$strDbSpecific = __('database-specific');
-$strDefault = __('Default');
-$strDefaultEngine = __('%s is the default storage engine on this MySQL server.');
-$strDefaultValueHelp = __('For default values, please enter just a single value, without backslash escaping or quotes, using this format: a');
-$strDefragment = __('Defragment table');
-$strDelayedInserts = __('Use delayed inserts');
-$strDelete = __('Delete');
-$strDeleted = __('The row has been deleted');
-$strDeleteNoUsersSelected = __('No users selected for deleting!');
-$strDeleteRelation = __('Delete relation');
-$strDeleteTrackingData = __('Delete tracking data for this table');
-$strDeleting = __('Deleting %s');
-$strDelimiter = __('Delimiter');
-$strDelOld = __('The current page has references to tables that no longer exist. Would you like to delete those references?');
-$strDescending = __('Descending');
-$strDescription = __('Description');
-$strDesigner = __('Designer');
-$strDesignerHelpDisplayField = __('The display field is shown in pink. To set/unset a field as the display field, click the "Choose field to display" icon, then click on the appropriate field name.');
-$strDetails = __('Details...');
-$strDictionary = __('dictionary');
-$strDifference = __('Difference');
-$strDirectLinks = __('Direct links');
-$strDirtyPages = __('Dirty pages');
 $strDisabled = __('Disabled');
-$strDisableForeignChecks = __('Disable foreign key checks');
-$strDisplayFeat = __('Display Features');
-$strDisplayOrder = __('Display order:');
-$strDisplayPDF = __('Display PDF schema');
-$strDoAQuery = __('Do a "query by example" (wildcard: "%")');
-$strDocSQL = __('DocSQL');
 $strDocu = __('Documentation');
-$strDoNotAutoIncrementZeroValues = __('Do not use AUTO_INCREMENT for zero values');
-$strDownloadFile = __('Download file');
-$strDoYouReally = __('Do you really want to ');
-$strDropDatabaseStrongWarning = __('You are about to DESTROY a complete database!');
-$strDrop = __('Drop');
-$strDropUsersDb = __('Drop the databases that have the same names as the users.');
-$strDumpAllRows = __('Dump all rows');
-$strDumpingData = __('Dumping data for table');
-$strDumpSaved = __('Dump has been saved to file %s.');
-$strDumpXRows = __('Dump %s row(s) starting at record # %s');
-$strDynamic = __('dynamic');
-$strEdit = __('Edit');
-$strEditPDFPages = __('Edit PDF Pages');
-$strEditPrivileges = __('Edit Privileges');
-$strEffective = __('Effective');
-$strEmpty = __('Empty');
-$strEmptyResultSet = __('MySQL returned an empty result set (i.e. zero rows).');
-$strEnabled = __('Enabled');
-$strEncloseInTransaction = __('Enclose export in a transaction');
-$strEndCut = __('END CUT');
-$strEnd = __('End');
-$strEndRaw = __('END RAW');
-$strEngineAvailable = __('%s is available on this MySQL server.');
-$strEngineDisabled = __('%s has been disabled for this MySQL server.');
-$strEngines = __('Engines');
-$strEngineUnsupported = __('This MySQL server does not support the %s storage engine.');
-$strEnglish = __('English');
-$strEnglishPrivileges = __(' Note: MySQL privilege names are expressed in English ');
 $strError = __('Error');
-$strErrorInZipFile = __('Error in ZIP archive:');
-$strErrorRelationAdded = __('Error: Relation not added.');
-$strErrorRelationExists = __('Error: relation already exists.');
-$strErrorRenamingTable = __('Error renaming table %1$s to %2$s');
 $strErrorSaveTable = __('Error saving coordinates for Designer.');
-$strEsperanto = __('Esperanto');
-$strEstonian = __('Estonian');
-$strEvent = __('Event');
-$strEvents = __('Events');
-$strExcelEdition = __('Excel edition');
-$strExecuteBookmarked = __('Execute bookmarked query');
-$strExplain = __('Explain SQL');
-$strExport = __('Export');
-$strExportImportToScale = __('Export/Import to scale');
-$strExportMustBeFile = __('Selected export type has to be saved in file!');
-$strExtendedInserts = __('Extended inserts');
-$strExtra = __('Extra');
-$strFailedAttempts = __('Failed attempts');
-$strField = __('Field');
-$strFieldHasBeenDropped = __('Field %s has been dropped');
-$strFieldInsertFromFileTempDirNotExists = __('Error moving the uploaded file, see [a at ./Documentation.html#faq1_11 at Documentation]FAQ 1.11[/a]');
-$strFieldsEnclosedBy = __('Fields enclosed by');
-$strFieldsEscapedBy = __('Fields escaped by');
-$strFields = __('Fields');
-$strFieldsTerminatedBy = __('Fields terminated by');
-$strFileAlreadyExists = __('File %s already exists on server, change filename or check overwrite option.');
-$strFileCouldNotBeRead = __('File could not be read');
-$strFileNameTemplateDescriptionDatabase = __('database name');
-$strFileNameTemplateDescriptionServer = __('server name');
-$strFileNameTemplateDescriptionTable = __('table name');
-$strFileNameTemplateDescription = __('This value is interpreted using %1$sstrftime%2$s, so you can use time formatting strings. Additionally the following transformations will happen: %3$s. Other text will be kept as is.');
-$strFileNameTemplate = __('File name template');
-$strFileNameTemplateRemember = __('remember template');
-$strFiles = __('Files');
-$strFileToImport = __('File to import');
-$strFlushPrivilegesNote = __('Note: phpMyAdmin gets the users\' privileges directly from MySQL\'s privilege tables. The content of these tables may differ from the privileges the server uses, if they have been changed manually. In this case, you should %sreload the privileges%s before you continue.');
-$strFlushQueryCache = __('Flush query cache');
-$strFlushTable = __('Flush the table ("FLUSH")');
-$strFlushTables = __('Flush (close) all tables');
-$strFontSize = __('Font size');
-$strForeignKeyError = __('Error creating foreign key on %1$s (check data types)');
-$strForeignKeyRelationAdded = __('FOREIGN KEY relation added');
-$strFormat = __('Format');
 $strFormEmpty = __('Missing value in the form!');
-$strFreePages = __('Free pages');
-$strFullStart = __('Full start');
-$strFullStop = __('Full stop');
-$strFullText = __('Full Texts');
-$strFunction = __('Function');
-$strFunctions = __('Functions');
-$strGenBy = __('Generated by');
 $strGeneralRelationFeat = __('General relation features');
-$strGenerate = __('Generate');
-$strGeneratePassword = __('Generate Password');
-$strGenTime = __('Generation Time');
-$strGeorgian = __('Georgian');
-$strGerman = __('German');
-$strGetMoreThemes = __('Get more themes!');
-$strGlobal = __('global');
-$strGlobalPrivileges = __('Global privileges');
-$strGlobalValue = __('Global value');
-$strGo = __('Go');
-$strGoToDatabase = __('Go to database');
-$strGoToTable = __('Go to table');
-$strGoToView = __('Go to view');
-$strGrantOption = __('Grant');
-$strGreek = __('Greek');
-$strGzip = __('"gzipped"');
-$strHandler = __('Handler');
-$strHaveBeenSynchronized = __('Selected target tables have been synchronized with source tables.');
-$strHaveToShow = __('You have to choose at least one column to display');
-$strHebrew = __('Hebrew');
-$strHelp = __('Help');
-$strHexForBLOB = __('Use hexadecimal for BLOB');
 $strHide         = __('Hide');
-$strHideShowAll = __('Hide/Show all');
-$strHideShowNoRelation = __('Hide/Show Tables with no relation');
-$strHome = __('Home');
-$strHomepageOfficial = __('Official Homepage');
-$strHostEmpty = __('The host name is empty!');
-$strHost = __('Host');
-$strHostTableExplanation = __('When Host table is used, this field is ignored and values stored in Host table are used instead.');
-$strHTMLWord = __('Microsoft Word 2000');
-$strHungarian = __('Hungarian');
-$strIcelandic = __('Icelandic');
-$strId = __('ID');
-$strIdxFulltext = __('Fulltext');
-$strIgnoreDuplicates = __('Ignore duplicate rows');
-$strIgnore = __('Ignore');
-$strIgnoreInserts = __('Use ignore inserts');
-$strImportColNames = __('Column names in first row');
-$strImportEmptyRows = __('Do not import empty rows');
-$strImportExportCoords = __('Import/Export coordinates for PDF schema');
-$strImportFiles = __('Import files');
-$strImportFormat = __('Format of imported file');
-$strImport = __('Import');
-$strImportLargeFileUploading = __('The file being uploaded is probably larger than the maximum allowed size or this is a known bug in webkit based (Safari, Google Chrome, Arora etc.) browsers.');
-$strImportNoticePt1 = __('The following structures have either been created or altered. Here you can:');
-$strImportNoticePt2 = __('View a structure`s contents by clicking on its name');
-$strImportNoticePt3 = __('Change any of its settings by clicking the corresponding "Options" link');
-$strImportNoticePt4 = __('Edit its structure by following the "Structure" link');
-$strImportODSCurrency = __('Import currencies ($5.00 to 5.00)');
-$strImportODS = __('Open Document Spreadsheet');
-$strImportODSPercents = __('Import percentages as proper decimals (12.00% to .12)');
-$strImportProceedingFile = __('The file is being processed, please be patient.');
-$strImportSuccessfullyFinished = __('Import has been successfully finished, %d queries executed.');
-$strImportUploadInfoNotAvailable = __('Please be patient, the file is being uploaded. Details about the upload are not available.');
-$strImportXLS = __('Excel 97-2003 XLS Workbook');
-$strImportXLSX = __('Excel 2007 XLSX Workbook');
-$strIndexes = __('Indexes');
-$strIndexesSeemEqual = __('The indexes %1$s and %2$s seem to be equal and one of them could possibly be removed.');
-$strIndexHasBeenDropped = __('Index %s has been dropped');
-$strIndex = __('Index');
-$strIndexName = __('Index name:');
-$strIndexType = __('Index type:');
-$strIndexWarningTable = __('Problems with indexes of table `%s`');
-$strInnoDBAutoextendIncrement = __('Autoextend increment');
-$strInnoDBAutoextendIncrementDesc = __(' The increment size for extending the size of an autoextending tablespace when it becomes full.');
-$strInnoDBBufferPoolSize = __('Buffer pool size');
-$strInnoDBBufferPoolSizeDesc = __('The size of the memory buffer InnoDB uses to cache data and indexes of its tables.');
-$strInnoDBDataFilePath = __('Data files');
-$strInnoDBDataHomeDir = __('Data home directory');
-$strInnoDBDataHomeDirDesc = __('The common part of the directory path for all InnoDB data files.');
-$strInnoDBPages = __('pages');
-$strInnodbStat = __('InnoDB Status');
-$strInsecureMySQL = __('Your configuration file contains settings (root with no password) that correspond to the default MySQL privileged account. Your MySQL server is running with this default, is open to intrusion, and you really should fix this security hole by setting a password for user \'root\'.');
-$strInsertAsNewRow = __('Insert as new row');
-$strInsertedRowId = __('Inserted row id: %1$d');
-$strInsertIgnoreAsNewRow = __('Insert as new row and ignore errors');
-$strInsert = __('Insert');
-$strInterface = __('Interface');
-$strInternalAndForeign = __('An internal relation is not necessary when a corresponding FOREIGN KEY relation exists.');
-$strInternalRelationAdded = __('Internal relation added');
-$strInternalRelations = __('Internal relations');
-$strInUse = __('in use');
-$strInvalidAuthMethod = __('Invalid authentication method set in configuration:');
-$strInvalidColumnCount = __('Column count has to be larger than zero.');
-$strInvalidColumn = __('Invalid column (%s) specified!');
-$strInvalidCSVFieldCount = __('Invalid field count in CSV input on line %d.');
-$strInvalidCSVFormat = __('Invalid format of CSV input on line %d.');
-$strInvalidCSVParameter = __('Invalid parameter for CSV import: %s');
-$strInvalidDatabase = __('Invalid database');
-$strInvalidFieldAddCount = __('You have to add at least one field.');
-$strInvalidFieldCount = __('Table must have at least one field.');
-$strInvalidLDIImport = __('This plugin does not support compressed imports!');
-$strInvalidRowNumber = __('%d is not valid row number.');
-$strInvalidServerHostname = __('Invalid hostname for server %1$s. Please review your configuration.');
-$strInvalidServerIndex = __('Invalid server index: "%s"');
-$strInvalidTableName = __('Invalid table name');
-$strJapanese = __('Japanese');
-$strJavascriptDisabled = __('Javascript support is missing or disabled in your browser, some phpMyAdmin functionality will be missing. For example navigation frame will not refresh automatically.');
-$strJoins = __('Joins');
-$strJumpToDB = __('Jump to database "%s".');
-$strKeepPass = __('Do not change the password');
-$strKeyCache = __('Key cache');
-$strKeyname = __('Keyname');
-$strKill = __('Kill');
-$strKnownExternalBug = __('The %s functionality is affected by a known bug, see %s');
-$strKorean = __('Korean');
-$strLandscape = __('Landscape');
-$strLanguage = __('Language');
-$strLanguageUnknown = __('Unknown language: %1$s.');
-$strLatchedPages = __('Latched pages');
-$strLatexCaption = __('Table caption');
 $strLatexContent = __('Content of table __TABLE__');
-$strLatexContinuedCaption = __('Continued table caption');
 $strLatexContinued = __('(continued)');
-$strLatexIncludeCaption = __('Include table caption');
-$strLatexLabel = __('Label key');
-$strLaTeX = __('LaTeX');
 $strLatexStructure = __('Structure of table __TABLE__');
-$strLatvian = __('Latvian');
-$strLDI = __('CSV using LOAD DATA');
-$strLDILocal = __('Use LOCAL keyword');
-$strLengthSet = __('Length/Values');
-$strLimitNumRows = __('Number of rows per page');
-$strLinesTerminatedBy = __('Lines terminated by');
-$strLinkNotFound = __('Link not found');
-$strLinksTo = __('Links to');
-$strLithuanian = __('Lithuanian');
-$strLocalhost = __('Local');
-$strLocationTextfile = __('Location of the text file');
-$strLoginInformation = __('Login Information');
-$strLogin = __('Log in');
-$strLoginWithoutPassword = __('Login without a password is forbidden by configuration (see AllowNoPassword)');
-$strLogout = __('Log out');
-$strLogPassword = __('Password:');
-$strLogServerHelp = __('You can enter hostname/IP address and port separated by space.');
-$strLogServer = __('Server:');
-$strLogUsername = __('Username:');
-$strLongOperation = __('This operation could take a long time. Proceed anyway?');
-$strMaxConnects = __('max. concurrent connections');
-$strMaximalQueryLength = __('Maximal length of created query');
-$strMaximumSize = __('Max: %s%s');
-$strMbExtensionMissing = __('The mbstring PHP extension was not found and you seem to be using a multibyte charset. Without the mbstring extension phpMyAdmin is unable to split strings correctly and it may result in unexpected results.');
-$strMbOverloadWarning = __('You have enabled mbstring.func_overload in your PHP configuration. This option is incompatible with phpMyAdmin and might cause some data to be corrupted!');
-$strMediaWiki = __('MediaWiki Table');
-$strMIME_available_mime = __('Available MIME types');
-$strMIME_available_transform = __('Available transformations');
-$strMIME_description = _pgettext('$strMIME_description', 'Description');
-$strMIME_MIMEtype = __('MIME type');
-$strMIME_nodescription = __('No description is available for this transformation.<br />Please ask the author what %s does.');
-$strMIME_transformation = __('Browser transformation');
-$strMIME_transformation_note = __('For a list of available transformation options and their MIME type transformations, click on %stransformation descriptions%s');
-$strMIME_transformation_options_note = __('Please enter the values for transformation options using this format: \'a\', 100, b,\'c\'...<br />If you ever need to put a backslash ("\") or a single quote ("\'") amongst those values, precede it with a backslash (for example \'\\\\xyz\' or \'a\\\'b\').');
-$strMIME_transformation_options = __('Transformation options');
-$strMIMETypesForTable = __('MIME TYPES FOR TABLE');
-$strMIME_without = __('MIME types printed in italics do not have a separate transformation function');
-$strModifications = __('Modifications have been saved');
-$strModifyIndexTopic = __('Modify an index');
-$strModify = __('Modify');
-$strMoveMenu = __('Move Menu');
-$strMoveTable = __('Move table to (database<b>.</b>table):');
-$strMoveTableOK = __('Table %s has been moved to %s.');
-$strMoveTableSameNames = __('Can\'t move table to same one!');
-$strMultilingual = __('multilingual');
-$strMyISAMDataPointerSize = __('Data pointer size');
-$strMyISAMDataPointerSizeDesc = __('The default pointer size in bytes, to be used by CREATE TABLE for MyISAM tables when no MAX_ROWS option is specified.');
-$strMyISAMMaxExtraSortFileSizeDesc = __('If the temporary file used for fast MyISAM index creation would be larger than using the key cache by the amount specified here, prefer the key cache method.');
-$strMyISAMMaxExtraSortFileSize = __('Maximum size for temporary files on index creation');
-$strMyISAMMaxSortFileSizeDesc = __('The maximum size of the temporary file MySQL is allowed to use while re-creating a MyISAM index (during REPAIR TABLE, ALTER TABLE, or LOAD DATA INFILE).');
-$strMyISAMMaxSortFileSize = __('Maximum size for temporary sort files');
-$strMyISAMRecoverOptions = __('Automatic recovery mode');
-$strMyISAMRecoverOptionsDesc = __('The mode for automatic recovery of crashed MyISAM tables, as set via the --myisam-recover server startup option.');
-$strMyISAMRepairThreadsDesc = __('If this value is greater than 1, MyISAM table indexes are created in parallel (each index in its own thread) during the repair by sorting process.');
-$strMyISAMRepairThreads = __('Repair threads');
-$strMyISAMSortBufferSizeDesc = __('The buffer that is allocated when sorting MyISAM indexes during a REPAIR TABLE or when creating indexes with CREATE INDEX or ALTER TABLE.');
-$strMyISAMSortBufferSize = __('Sort buffer size');
-$strMySQLCharset = __('MySQL charset');
-$strMysqlClientVersion = __('MySQL client version');
-$strMySQLConnectionCollation = __('MySQL connection collation');
-$strMysqlLibDiffersServerVersion = __('Your PHP MySQL library version %s differs from your MySQL server version %s. This may cause unpredictable behavior.');
-$strMySQLSaid = __('MySQL said: ');
-$strMySQLShowProcess = __('Show processes');
-$strName = __('Name');
-$strNewTable = __('New table');
-$strNext = __('Next');
-$strNoActivity = __('No activity within %s seconds; please log in again');
-$strNoDatabases = __('No databases');
-$strNoDatabasesSelected = __('No databases selected.');
-$strNoDataReceived = __('No data was received to import. Either no file name was submitted, or the file size exceeded the maximum size permitted by your PHP configuration. See [a at ./Documentation.html#faq1_16 at Documentation]FAQ 1.16[/a].');
-$strNoDescription = __('no description');
-$strNoDetailsForEngine = __('There is no detailed status information available for this storage engine.');
-$strNoDropDatabases = __('"DROP DATABASE" statements are disabled.');
-$strNoExplain = __('Skip Explain SQL');
-$strNoFilesFoundInZip = __('No files found inside ZIP archive!');
-$strNoFrames = __('phpMyAdmin is more friendly with a <b>frames-capable</b> browser.');
-$strNoIndex = __('No index defined!');
-$strNoIndexPartsDefined = __('No index parts defined!');
-$strNoModification = __('No change');
-$strNoneDefault = _pgettext('$strNoneDefault', 'None');
-$strNone = __('None');
-$strNo = __('No');
-$strNoOptions = __('This format has no options');
-$strNoPassword = __('No Password');
-$strNoPermission = __('The web server does not have permission to save the file %s.');
-$strNoPhp = __('Without PHP Code');
-$strNoPrivileges = __('No Privileges');
-$strNoRights = __('You don\'t have sufficient privileges to be here right now!');
-$strNoRowsSelected = __('No rows selected');
-$strNoSpace = __('Insufficient space to save the file %s.');
-$strNoTablesFound = __('No tables found in database.');
-$strNoThemeSupport = __('No themes support; please check your configuration and/or your themes in directory %s.');
-$strNotNumber = __('This is not a number!');
-$strNotOK = __('not OK');
-$strNotPresent = __('not present');
-$strNotSet = __('<b>%s</b> table not found or not set in %s');
-$strNoUsersFound = __('No user(s) found.');
-$strNoValidateSQL = __('Skip Validate SQL');
-$strNull = __('Null');
-$strNumberOfFields = __('Number of fields');
-$strNumberOfTables = __('Number of tables');
-$strNumSearchResultsInTable = __('%s match(es) inside table <i>%s</i>');
-$strNumSearchResultsTotal = __('<b>Total:</b> <i>%s</i> match(es)');
-$strNumTables = __('Tables');
-$strOK = __('OK');
-$strOpenDocumentSpreadsheet = __('Open Document Spreadsheet');
-$strOpenDocumentText = __('Open Document Text');
-$strOpenNewWindow = __('Open new phpMyAdmin window');
-$strOperations = __('Operations');
-$strOperator = __('Operator');
-$strOptimize = __('Optimize');
-$strOptimizeTable = __('Optimize table');
-$strOptions = __('Options');
-$strOr = __('Or');
-$strOverhead = __('Overhead');
-$strOverwriteExisting = __('Overwrite existing file(s)');
-$strPacked = __('Packed');
-$strPageNumber = __('Page number:');
-$strPagesToBeFlushed = __('Pages to be flushed');
-$strPaperSize = __('Paper size');
-$strPartialImport = __('Partial import');
-$strPartialText = __('Partial Texts');
-$strPartitionDefinition = __('PARTITION definition');
-$strPartitioned = __('partitioned');
-$strPartitionMaintenance = __('Partition maintenance');
-$strPartition = __('Partition %s');
-$strPasswordChanged = __('The password for %s was changed successfully.');
-$strPasswordEmpty = __('The password is empty!');
-$strPasswordHashing = __('Password Hashing');
-$strPasswordNotSame = __('The passwords aren\'t the same!');
-$strPassword = __('Password');
-$strPBXTCheckpointFrequency = __('Checkpoint frequency');
-$strPBXTCheckpointFrequencyDesc = __('The amount of data written to the transaction log before a checkpoint is performed. The default value is 24MB.');
-$strPBXTDataFileGrowSize = __('Data file grow size');
-$strPBXTDataFileGrowSizeDesc = __('The grow size of the handle data (.xtd) files.');
-$strPBXTDataLogThreshold = __('Data log threshold');
-$strPBXTDataLogThresholdDesc = __('The maximum size of a data log file. The default value is 64MB. PBXT can create a maximum of 32000 data logs, which are used by all tables. So the value of this variable can be increased to increase the total amount of data that can be stored in the database.');
-$strPBXTGarbageThresholdDesc = __('The percentage of garbage in a data log file before it is compacted. This is a value between 1 and 99. The default is 50.');
-$strPBXTGarbageThreshold = __('Garbage threshold');
-$strPBXTIndexCacheSizeDesc = __('This is the amount of memory allocated to the index cache. Default value is 32MB. The memory allocated here is used only for caching index pages.');
-$strPBXTIndexCacheSize = __('Index cache size');
-$strPBXTLogBufferSizeDesc = __('The size of the buffer used when writing a data log. The default is 256MB. The engine allocates one buffer per thread, but only if the thread is required to write a data log.');
-$strPBXTLogBufferSize = __('Log buffer size');
-$strPBXTLogCacheSizeDesc = __('The amount of memory allocated to the transaction log cache used to cache on transaction log data. The default is 16MB.');
-$strPBXTLogCacheSize = __('Log cache size');
-$strPBXTLogFileCountDesc = __('This is the number of transaction log files (pbxt/system/xlog*.xt) the system will maintain. If the number of logs exceeds this value then old logs will be deleted, otherwise they are renamed and given the next highest number.');
-$strPBXTLogFileCount = __('Log file count');
-$strPBXTLogFileThresholdDesc = __('The size of a transaction log before rollover, and a new log is created. The default value is 16MB.');
-$strPBXTLogFileThreshold = __('Log file threshold');
-$strPBXTRecordCacheSizeDesc = __('This is the amount of memory allocated to the record cache used to cache table data. The default value is 32MB. This memory is used to cache changes to the handle data (.xtd) and row pointer (.xtr) files.');
-$strPBXTRecordCacheSize = __('Record cache size');
-$strPBXTRowFileGrowSizeDesc = __('The grow size of the row pointer (.xtr) files.');
-$strPBXTRowFileGrowSize = __('Row file grow size');
-$strPBXTTransactionBufferSizeDesc = __('The size of the global transaction log buffer (the engine allocates 2 buffers of this size). The default is 1MB.');
-$strPBXTTransactionBufferSize = __('Transaction buffer size');
-$strPdfDbSchema = __('Schema of the "%s" database - Page %s');
-$strPdfInvalidTblName = __('The "%s" table doesn\'t exist!');
-$strPdfNoTables = __('No tables');
-$strPDFPageCreated = __('Page has been created');
-$strPDFPageCreateFailed = __('Page creation failed');
-$strPDF = __('PDF');
-$strPDFReportExplanation = __('(Generates a report containing the data of a single table)');
-$strPDFReportTitle = __('Report title');
-$strPerHour = __('per hour');
-$strPerMinute = __('per minute');
-$strPerSecond = __('per second');
-$strPersian = __('Persian');
-$strPhoneBook = __('phone book');
-$strPhpArray = __('PHP array');
-$strPhp = __('Create PHP Code');
-$strPHPExtension = __('PHP extension');
-$strPHPVersion = __('PHP Version');
-$strPlayAudio = __('Play audio');
-$strPleaseSelectPrimaryOrUniqueKey = __('Please select the primary key or a unique key');
-$strPmadbCreateConfig = __('Enable advanced features in configuration file (<code>config.inc.php</code>), for example by starting from <code>config.sample.inc.php</code>.');
-$strPmadbCreateHelp = __('Quick steps to setup advanced features:');
-$strPmadbCreateTables = __('Create the needed tables with the <code>script/create_tables.sql</code>.');
-$strPmadbCreateUser = __('Create a pma user and give access to these tables.');
-$strPmadbReLoginToEnable = __('Re-login to phpMyAdmin to load the updated configuration file.');
-$strPmaDocumentation = __('phpMyAdmin documentation');
-$strPmaUriError = __('The <tt>$cfg[\'PmaAbsoluteUri\']</tt> directive MUST be set in your configuration file!');
-$strPolish = __('Polish');
-$strPort = __('Port');
-$strPortrait = __('Portrait');
-$strPos1 = __('Begin');
-$strPrevious = __('Previous');
-$strPrimaryKeyHasBeenDropped = __('The primary key has been dropped');
-$strPrimaryKeyName = __('The name of the primary key must be "PRIMARY"!');
-$strPrimaryKeyWarning = __('("PRIMARY" <b>must</b> be the name of and <b>only of</b> a primary key!)');
-$strPrimary = __('Primary');
-$strPrint = __('Print');
-$strPrintViewFull = __('Print view (with full texts)');
-$strPrintView = __('Print view');
-$strPrivDescAllPrivileges = __('Includes all privileges except GRANT.');
-$strPrivDescAlter = __('Allows altering the structure of existing tables.');
-$strPrivDescAlterRoutine = __('Allows altering and dropping stored routines.');
-$strPrivDescCreateDb = __('Allows creating new databases and tables.');
-$strPrivDescCreateRoutine = __('Allows creating stored routines.');
-$strPrivDescCreateTbl = __('Allows creating new tables.');
-$strPrivDescCreateTmpTable = __('Allows creating temporary tables.');
-$strPrivDescCreateUser = __('Allows creating, dropping and renaming user accounts.');
-$strPrivDescCreateView = __('Allows creating new views.');
-$strPrivDescDelete = __('Allows deleting data.');
-$strPrivDescDropDb = __('Allows dropping databases and tables.');
-$strPrivDescDropTbl = __('Allows dropping tables.');
-$strPrivDescEvent = __('Allows to set up events for the event scheduler');
-$strPrivDescExecute = __('Allows executing stored routines.');
-$strPrivDescFile = __('Allows importing data from and exporting data into files.');
-$strPrivDescGrant = __('Allows adding users and privileges without reloading the privilege tables.');
-$strPrivDescIndex = __('Allows creating and dropping indexes.');
-$strPrivDescInsert = __('Allows inserting and replacing data.');
-$strPrivDescLockTables = __('Allows locking tables for the current thread.');
-$strPrivDescMaxConnections = __('Limits the number of new connections the user may open per hour.');
-$strPrivDescMaxQuestions = __('Limits the number of queries the user may send to the server per hour.');
-$strPrivDescMaxUpdates = __('Limits the number of commands that change any table or database the user may execute per hour.');
-$strPrivDescMaxUserConnections = __('Limits the number of simultaneous connections the user may have.');
-$strPrivDescProcess = __('Allows viewing processes of all users');
-$strPrivDescReferences = __('Has no effect in this MySQL version.');
-$strPrivDescReload = __('Allows reloading server settings and flushing the server\'s caches.');
-$strPrivDescReplClient = __('Allows the user to ask where the slaves / masters are.');
-$strPrivDescReplSlave = __('Needed for the replication slaves.');
-$strPrivDescSelect = __('Allows reading data.');
-$strPrivDescShowDb = __('Gives access to the complete list of databases.');
-$strPrivDescShowView = __('Allows performing SHOW CREATE VIEW queries.');
-$strPrivDescShutdown = __('Allows shutting down the server.');
-$strPrivDescSuper = __('Allows connecting, even if maximum number of connections is reached; required for most administrative operations like setting global variables or killing threads of other users.');
-$strPrivDescTrigger = __('Allows creating and dropping triggers');
-$strPrivDescUpdate = __('Allows changing data.');
-$strPrivDescUsage = __('No privileges.');
-$strPrivileges = __('Privileges');
-$strPrivilegesReloaded = __('The privileges were reloaded successfully.');
-$strProcedures = __('Procedures');
-$strProcesses = __('Processes');
-$strProfiling = __('Profiling');
-$strProtocolVersion = __('Protocol version');
-$strPutColNames = __('Put fields names in the first row');
-$strQBEDel = __('Del');
-$strQBEIns = __('Ins');
-$strQBE = __('Query');
-$strQueriesExecuted = __('The following queries have been executed:');
-$strQueryCache = __('Query cache');
-$strQueryFrame = __('Query window');
-$strQueryOnDb = __('SQL query on database <b>%s</b>:');
-$strQueryResultsOperations = __('Query results operations');
-$strQuerySQLHistory = __('SQL history');
-$strQueryStatistics = __('<b>Query statistics</b>: Since its startup, %s queries have been sent to the server.');
-$strQueryTime = __('Query took %01.4f sec');
-$strQueryType = __('Query type');
-$strQueryWindowLock = __('Do not overwrite this query from outside the window');
-$strReadRequests = __('Read requests');
-$strRebuild = __('Rebuild');
-$strReceived = __('Received');
-$strRecommended = __('recommended');
-$strRecords = __('Records');
-$strReferentialIntegrity = __('Check referential integrity:');
-$strRefresh = __('Refresh');
-$strRelationalDisplayField = __('Relational display field');
-$strRelationalKey = __('Relational key');
-$strRelationalSchema = __('Relational schema');
-$strRelationDeleted = __('Relation deleted');
-$strRelationNotWorking = __('The additional features for working with linked tables have been deactivated. To find out why click %shere%s.');
-$strRelationsForTable = __('RELATIONS FOR TABLE');
-$strRelations = __('Relations');
-$strRelationView = __('Relation view');
-$strReloadingThePrivileges = __('Reloading the privileges');
-$strReloadNavi = __('Reload navigation frame');
-$strReload = __('Reload');
-$strRemoteServer = __('Remote server');
-$strRemoveCRLF = __('Remove CRLF characters within fields');
-$strRemovePartitioning = __('Remove partitioning');
-$strRemoveSelectedUsers = __('Remove selected users');
-$strRenameDatabaseOK = __('Database %s has been renamed to %s');
-$strRenameTableOK = __('Table %s has been renamed to %s');
-$strRenameTable = __('Rename table to');
-$strRenameView = __('Rename view to');
-$strRepair = __('Repair');
-$strRepairTable = __('Repair table');
-$strReplaceNULLBy = __('Replace NULL by');
-$strReplaceTable = __('Replace table data with file');
-$strReplicationAddLines = __('Now, add the following lines at the end of [mysqld] section in your my.cnf and please restart the MySQL server afterwards.');
-$strReplicationAddSlaveUser = __('Add slave replication user');
-$strReplicationChangedSuccesfully = __('Master server changed succesfully to %s');
-$strReplicationConfiguredMaster = __('This server is configured as master in a replication process.');
-$strReplicationControlSlave = __('Control slave:');
-$strReplicationErrorGetPosition = __('Unable to read master log position. Possible privilege problem on master.');
-$strReplicationErrorMasterConnect = __('Unable to connect to master %s.');
-$strReplicationMasterChooseAll = __('Replicate all databases; Ignore:');
-$strReplicationMasterChooseIgn = __('Ignore all databases; Replicate:');
-$strReplicationMasterChooseMode = __('This server is not configured as master server in a replication process. You can choose from either replicating all databases and ignoring certain (useful if you want to replicate majority of databases) or you can choose to ignore all databases by default and allow only certain databases to be replicated. Please select the mode:');
-$strReplicationMasterConfiguration = __('Master configuration');
 $strReplicationMaster = __('Master replication');
-$strReplication = __('Replication');
-$strReplicationRestartServer = __('Once you restarted MySQL server, please click on Go button. Afterwards, you should see a message informing you, that this server <b>is</b> configured as master');
-$strReplicationSelectDatabases = __('Please select databases:');
-$strReplicationServernConfiguredMaster = __('This server is not configured as master in a replication process. Would you like to <a href="%s">configure</a> it?');
-$strReplicationShowConnectedSlavesNote = __('Only slaves started with the --report-host=host_name option are visible in this list.');
-$strReplicationShowConnectedSlaves = __('Show connected slaves');
-$strReplicationShowMasterStatus = __('Show master status');
-$strReplicationSkippingErrorWarn = __('Skipping error(s) might lead into unsynchronized master and slave!');
-$strReplicationSlaveChangeMaster = __('Change or reconfigure master server');
-$strReplicationSlaveConfiguration = __('Slave configuration');
-$strReplicationSlaveConfigured = __('Server is configured as slave in a replication process. Would you like to:');
-$strReplicationSlaveErrorManagement = __('Error management:');
-$strReplicationSlaveIOThread = __('IO Thread %s only');
-$strReplicationSlaveIOThreadNotRunning = __('Slave IO Thread not running!');
-$strReplicationSlaveNotConfigured = __('This server is not configured as slave in a replication process. Would you like to <a href="%s">configure</a> it?');
-$strReplicationSlaveReset = __('Reset slave');
-$strReplicationSlaveSeeStatus = __('See slave status table');
-$strReplicationSlaveSkipCurrentError = __('Skip current error');
-$strReplicationSlaveSkipNextErrors = __('errors.');
-$strReplicationSlaveSkipNext = __('Skip next');
 $strReplicationSlave = __('Slave replication');
-$strReplicationSlaveSQLThreadNotRunning = __('Slave SQL Thread not running!');
-$strReplicationSlaveSQLThread = __('SQL Thread %s only');
-$strReplicationStatusInfo = __('This MySQL server works as %s in <b>replication</b> process. For further information about replication status on the server, please visit the <a href="#replication">replication section</a>.');
-$strReplicationStatus_master = __('Master status');
-$strReplicationStatus = __('Replication status');
-$strReplicationStatus_slave = __('Slave status');
-$strReplicationSynchronize = __('Synchronize databases with master');
-$strReplicationUnableToChange = __('Unable to change master');
-$strReplicationUnknownError = __('Unknown error');
-$strReset = __('Reset');
-$strResourceLimits = __('Resource limits');
-$strRestartInsertion = __('Restart insertion with %s rows');
-$strReType = __('Re-type');
-$strRevokeAndDelete = __('Revoke all active privileges from the users and delete them afterwards.');
-$strRevokeMessage = __('You have revoked the privileges for %s');
-$strRevoke = __('Revoke');
-$strRomanian = __('Romanian');
-$strRoutineReturnType = __('Return type');
-$strRoutines = __('Routines');
-$strRowLength = __('Row length');
-$strRowsFrom = __('row(s) starting from record #');
-$strRowSize = __(' Row size ');
-$strRowsModeFlippedHorizontal = __('horizontal (rotated headers)');
-$strRowsModeHorizontal = __('horizontal');
-$strRowsModeOptions = __('in %s mode and repeat headers after %s cells');
-$strRowsModeVertical = __('vertical');
-$strRows = __('Rows');
-$strRowsStatistic = __('Row Statistics');
-$strRunning = __('running on %s');
-$strRunQuery = __('Submit Query');
-$strRunSQLQueryOnServer = __('Run SQL query/queries on server %s');
-$strRunSQLQuery = __('Run SQL query/queries on database %s');
-$strRussian = __('Russian');
-$strSaveOnServer = __('Save on server in %s directory');
-$strSavePosition = __('Save position');
-$strSave = __('Save');
-$strScaleFactorSmall = __('The scale factor is too small to fit the schema on one page');
-$strSearchFormTitle = __('Search in database');
-$strSearchInField = __('Inside field:');
-$strSearchInTables = __('Inside table(s):');
-$strSearchNeedle = __('Word(s) or value(s) to search for (wildcard: "%"):');
-$strSearchOption1 = __('at least one of the words');
-$strSearchOption2 = __('all words');
-$strSearchOption3 = __('the exact phrase');
-$strSearchOption4 = __('as regular expression');
-$strSearchResultsFor = __('Search results for "<i>%s</i>" %s:');
-$strSearch = __('Search');
-$strSearchType = __('Find:');
-$strSecretRequired = __('The configuration file now needs a secret passphrase (blowfish_secret).');
-$strSelectADb = __('Please select a database');
-$strSelectAll = __('Select All');
-$strSelectBinaryLog = __('Select binary log to view');
-$strSelectFields = __('Select fields (at least one):');
-$strSelectForeignKey = __('Select Foreign Key');
-$strSelectNumRows = __('in query');
-$strSelectReferencedKey = __('Select referenced key');
-$strSelectTables = __('Select Tables');
-$strSend = __('Save as file');
-$strSent = __('Sent');
-$strServerChoice = __('Server Choice');
-$strServerNotResponding = __('The server is not responding');
-$strServer = __('Server');
-$strServers = __('Servers');
-$strServerStatusDelayedInserts = __('Delayed inserts');
-$strServerStatus = __('Runtime Information');
-$strServerStatusUptime = __('This MySQL server has been running for %s. It started up on %s.');
-$strServerTabVariables = __('Variables');
-$strServerTrafficNotes = __('<b>Server traffic</b>: These tables show the network traffic statistics of this MySQL server since its startup.');
-$strServerVars = __('Server variables and settings');
-$strServerVersion = __('Server version');
-$strSessionGCWarning = __('Your PHP parameter [a at http://php.net/manual/en/session.configuration.php#ini.session.gc-maxlifetime@]session.gc_maxlifetime[/a] is lower that cookie validity configured in phpMyAdmin, because of this, your login will expire sooner than configured in phpMyAdmin.');
-$strSessionStartupErrorGeneral = __('Cannot start session without errors, please check errors given in your PHP and/or webserver log file and configure your PHP installation properly.');
-$strSessionValue = __('Session value');
-$strSetEnumVal = __('If field type is "enum" or "set", please enter the values using this format: \'a\',\'b\',\'c\'...<br />If you ever need to put a backslash ("\") or a single quote ("\'") amongst those values, precede it with a backslash (for example \'\\\\xyz\' or \'a\\\'b\').');
-$strSettings = __('settings');
-$strShowAll = __('Show all');
-$strShowBinaryContentsAsHex = __('Show binary contents as HEX');
-$strShowBinaryContents = __('Show binary contents');
-$strShowBLOBContents = __('Show BLOB contents');
-$strShowColor = __('Show color');
-$strShowDatadictAs = __('Data Dictionary Format');
-$strShowFullQueries = __('Show Full Queries');
-$strShowGrid = __('Show grid');
-$strShowHideLeftMenu = __('Show/Hide left menu');
-$strShowingBookmark = __('Showing bookmark');
-$strShowingPhp = __('Showing as PHP code');
-$strShowingRecords = __('Showing rows');
-$strShowingSQL = __('Showing SQL query');
-$strShowInsert = __('Show insert query');
-$strShowKeys = __('Only show keys');
-$strShowMasterStatus = __('Show master status');
-$strShowOpenTables = __('Show open tables');
-$strShowPHPInfo = __('Show PHP information');
-$strShow = __('Show');
-$strShowSlaveHosts = __('Show slave hosts');
-$strShowSlaveStatus = __('Show slave status');
 $strShowStatusBinlog_cache_disk_useDescr = __('The number of transactions that used the temporary binary log cache but that exceeded the value of binlog_cache_size and used a temporary file to store statements from the transaction.');
 $strShowStatusBinlog_cache_useDescr = __('The number of transactions that used the temporary binary log cache.');
 $strShowStatusCreated_tmp_disk_tablesDescr = __('The number of temporary tables on disk created automatically by the server while executing statements. If Created_tmp_disk_tables is big, you may want to increase the tmp_table_size  value to cause temporary tables to be memory-based instead of disk-based.');
@@ -805,174 +152,8 @@ $strShowStatusThreads_cachedDescr = __('The number of threads in the thread cach
 $strShowStatusThreads_connectedDescr = __('The number of currently open connections.');
 $strShowStatusThreads_createdDescr = __('The number of threads created to handle connections. If Threads_created is big, you may want to increase the thread_cache_size value. (Normally this doesn\'t give a notable performance improvement if you have a good thread implementation.)');
 $strShowStatusThreads_runningDescr = __('The number of threads that are not sleeping.');
-$strShowTableDimension = __('Show dimension of tables');
-$strShowTables = __('Show tables');
-$strShowThisQuery = __(' Show this query here again ');
-$strSimplifiedChinese = __('Simplified Chinese');
-$strSingly = __('(singly)');
-$strSize = __('Size');
-$strSkipQueries = __('Number of records (queries) to skip from start');
-$strSlaveConfigure = __('Make sure, you have unique server-id in your configuration file (my.cnf). If not, please add the following line into [mysqld] section:');
-$strSlovak = __('Slovak');
-$strSlovenian = __('Slovenian');
-$strSmallBigAll = __('Small/Big All');
-$strSnapToGrid = __('Snap to grid');
-$strSocketProblem = __('(or the local MySQL server\'s socket is not correctly configured)');
-$strSocket = __('Socket');
-$strSortByKey = __('Sort by key');
-$strSorting = __('Sorting');
-$strSort = __('Sort');
-$strSpaceUsage = __('Space usage');
-$strSpanish = __('Spanish');
-$strSplitWordsWithSpace = __('Words are separated by a space character (" ").');
-$strSQLCompatibility = __('SQL compatibility mode');
-$strSQLExportType = __('Export type');
-$strSQLExportUTC = __('Export time in UTC');
-$strSQLParserBugMessage = __('There is a chance that you may have found a bug in the SQL parser. Please examine your query closely, and check that the quotes are correct and not mis-matched. Other possible failure causes may be that you are uploading a file with binary outside of a quoted text area. You can also try your query on the MySQL command line interface. The MySQL server error output below, if there is any, may also help you in diagnosing the problem. If you still have problems or if the parser fails where the command line interface succeeds, please reduce your SQL query input to the single query that causes problems, and submit a bug report with the data chunk in the CUT section below:');
-$strSQLParserUserError = __('There seems to be an error in your SQL query. The MySQL server error output below, if there is any, may also help you in diagnosing the problem');
-$strSQLQuery = __('SQL query');
-$strSQLResult = __('SQL result');
-$strSQL = __('SQL');
-$strSQPBugInvalidIdentifer = __('Invalid Identifer');
-$strSQPBugUnclosedQuote = __('Unclosed quote');
-$strSQPBugUnknownPunctuation = __('Unknown Punctuation String');
-$strStandInStructureForView = __('Stand-in structure for view');
-$strStart = __('Start');
-$strStatCheckTime = __('Last check');
-$strStatCreateTime = __('Creation');
-$strStatement = __('Statements');
-$strStatic = __('static');
-$strStatisticsOverrun = __('On a busy server, the byte counters may overrun, so those statistics as reported by the MySQL server may be incorrect.');
-$strStatUpdateTime = __('Last update');
-$strStatus = __('Status');
-$strStop = __('Stop');
-$strStorageEngines = __('Storage Engines');
-$strStorageEngine = __('Storage Engine');
-$strStrucData = __('Structure and data');
-$strStrucExcelCSV = __('CSV for MS Excel');
-$strStrucOnly = __('Structure only');
-$strStructPropose = __('Propose table structure');
-$strStructureDiff = __('Structure Difference');
-$strStructureForView = __('Structure for view');
-$strStructureLC = __('structure');
-$strStructure = __('Structure');
-$strStructureSyn = __('Structure Synchronization');
-$strSubmit = __('Submit');
 $strSuccess = __('Your SQL query has been executed successfully');
-$strSuhosin = __('Server running with Suhosin. Please refer to %sdocumentation%s for possible issues.');
-$strSum = __('Sum');
-$strSwedish = __('Swedish');
-$strSwekeyAuthenticating = __('Authenticating...');
-$strSwekeyAuthFailed = __('Hardware authentication failed');
-$strSwekeyNoKeyId = __('File %s does not contain any key id');
-$strSwekeyNoKey = __('No valid authentication key plugged');
-$strSwitchToDatabase = __('Switch to copied database');
-$strSwitchToTable = __('Switch to copied table');
-$strSynchronizationNote = __('Target database will be completely synchronized with source database. Source database will remain unchanged.');
-$strSynchronizeDb = __('Synchronize Databases');
-$strSynchronize = __('Synchronize');
-$strTableAddColumn = __('Add column(s)');
-$strTableAlreadyExists = __('Table %s already exists!');
-$strTableAlterColumn = __('Alter column(s)');
-$strTableAlteredSuccessfully = __('Table %1$s has been altered successfully');
-$strTableApplyIndex = __('Apply index(s)');
-$strTableComments = __('Table comments');
-$strTableDeleteRows = __('Would you like to delete all the previous rows from target tables?');
-$strTableEmpty = __('The table name is empty!');
-$strTableHasBeenCreated = __('Table %1$s has been created.');
-$strTableHasBeenDropped = __('Table %s has been dropped');
-$strTableHasBeenEmptied = __('Table %s has been emptied');
-$strTableHasBeenFlushed = __('Table %s has been flushed');
-$strTableInsertRow = __('Insert row(s)');
-$strTableIsEmpty = __('Table seems to be empty!');
-$strTableMaintenance = __('Table maintenance');
-$strTableName = __('Table name');
-$strTableOfContents = __('Table of contents');
-$strTableOptions = __('Table options');
-$strTableRemoveColumn = __('Remove column(s)');
-$strTableRemoveIndex = __('Remove index(s)');
-$strTables = __('%s table(s)');
-$strTableStructure = __('Table structure for table');
-$strTable = __('Table');
-$strTableUpdateRow = __('Update row(s)');
-$strTakeIt = __('take it');
-$strTargetDatabaseHasBeenSynchronized = __('Target database has been synchronized with source database');
-$strTblPrivileges = __('Table-specific privileges');
-$strTempData = __('Temporary data');
-$strTextAreaLength = __(' Because of its length,<br /> this field might not be editable ');
-$strTexyText = __('Texy! text');
-$strThai = __('Thai');
-$strThemeDefaultNotFound = __('Default theme %s not found!');
-$strThemeNoPreviewAvailable = __('No preview available.');
-$strThemeNotFound = __('Theme %s not found!');
-$strThemeNoValidImgPath = __('No valid image path for theme %s found!');
-$strThemePathNotFound = __('Theme path not found for theme %s!');
-$strTheme = __('Theme / Style');
-$strThisHost = __('This Host');
-$strThreads = __('Threads');
-$strThreadSuccessfullyKilled = __('Thread %s was successfully killed.');
-$strTimeoutInfo = __('Previous import timed out, after resubmitting will continue from position %d.');
-$strTimeoutNothingParsed = __('However on last run no data has been parsed, this usually means phpMyAdmin won\'t be able to finish this import unless you increase php time limits.');
-$strTimeoutPassed = __('Script timeout passed, if you want to finish import, please resubmit same file and import will resume.');
-$strTime = __('Time');
-$strToFromPage = __('to/from page');
-$strToggleScratchboard = __('Toggle scratchboard');
-$strToggleSmallBig = __('Toggle small/big');
-$strToSelectRelation = __('To select relation, click :');
-$strTotal = __('total');
-$strTotalUC = __('Total');
-$strTrackingActivated = __('Tracking of %s.%s is activated.');
-$strTrackingActivateNow = __('Activate now');
-$strTrackingActivateTrackingFor = __('Activate tracking for %s.%s');
-$strTrackingCommentOut = __('Comment out these two lines if you do not need them.');
-$strTrackingCreateVersion = __('Create version');
-$strTrackingCreateVersionOf = __('Create version %s of %s.%s');
-$strTrackingDatabaseLog = __('Database Log');
-$strTrackingDataDefinitionStatement = __('Data definition statement');
-$strTrackingDataManipulationStatement = __('Data manipulation statement');
-$strTrackingDate = __('Date');
-$strTrackingDeactivateNow = __('Deactivate now');
-$strTrackingDeactivateTrackingFor = __('Deactivate tracking for %s.%s');
-$strTrackingExportAs = __('Export as %s');
-$strTrackingIsActive = __('Tracking is active.');
-$strTrackingIsNotActive = __('Tracking is not active.');
-$strTrackingReportClose = __('Close');
-$strTrackingReportForTable = __('Tracking report for table `%s`');
-$strTrackingReport = __('Tracking report');
-$strTrackingShowLogDateUsers = __('Show %s with dates from %s to %s by user %s %s');
-$strTrackingShowVersions = __('Show versions');
-$strTrackingSQLDumpFile = __('SQL dump (file download)');
-$strTrackingSQLDump = __('SQL dump');
-$strTrackingSQLExecuted = __('SQL statements executed.');
-$strTrackingSQLExecutionAlert = __('This option will replace your table and contained data.');
-$strTrackingSQLExecution = __('SQL execution');
-$strTrackingSQLExported = __('SQL statements exported. Please copy the dump or execute it.');
-$strTrackingStatements = __('Tracking statements');
-$strTrackingStatusActive = __('active');
-$strTrackingStatusNotActive = __('not active');
-$strTrackingStructureSnapshot = __('Structure snapshot');
-$strTrackingThCreated = __('Created');
-$strTrackingThLastVersion = __('Last version');
-$strTrackingThUpdated = __('Updated');
-$strTrackingThVersion = __('Version');
-$strTrackingTrackDDStatements = __('Track these data definition statements:');
-$strTrackingTrackDMStatements = __('Track these data manipulation statements:');
-$strTrackingTrackedTables = __('Tracked tables');
-$strTracking = __('Tracking');
-$strTrackingTrackTable = __('Track table');
-$strTrackingUntrackedTables = __('Untracked tables');
-$strTrackingUsername = __('Username');
-$strTrackingVersionActivated = __('Tracking for %s.%s , version %s is activated.');
-$strTrackingVersionCreated = __('Version %s is created, tracking for %s.%s is activated.');
-$strTrackingVersionDeactivated = __('Tracking for %s.%s , version %s is deactivated.');
-$strTrackingVersionSnapshotSQL = __('Version %s snapshot (SQL code)');
-$strTrackingVersions = __('Versions');
-$strTrackingYouCanExecute = __('You can execute the dump by creating and using a temporary database. Please ensure that you have the privileges to do so.');
-$strTraditionalChinese = __('Traditional Chinese');
-$strTraditionalSpanish = __('Traditional Spanish');
-$strTraffic = __('Traffic');
-$strTransactionCoordinator = __('Transaction coordinator');
 $strTransformation_application_octetstream__download = __('Displays a link to download the binary data of the field. You can use the first option to specify the filename, or use the second option as the name of a field which contains the filename. If you use the second option, you need to set the first option to the empty string.');
 $strTransformation_application_octetstream__hex = __('Displays hexadecimal representation of data. Optional first parameter specifies how often space will be added (defaults to 2 nibbles).');
 $strTransformation_image_jpeg__inline = __('Displays a clickable thumbnail. The options are the maximum width and height in pixels. The original aspect ratio is preserved.');
@@ -985,88 +166,11 @@ $strTransformation_text_plain__imagelink = __('Displays an image and a link; the
 $strTransformation_text_plain__link = __('Displays a link; the field contains the filename. The first option is a URL prefix like "http://www.example.com/". The second option is a title for the link.');
 $strTransformation_text_plain__sql = __('Formats text as SQL query with syntax highlighting.');
 $strTransformation_text_plain__substr = __('Displays a part of a string. The first option is the number of characters to skip from the beginning of the string (Default 0). The second option is the number of characters to return (Default: until end of string). The third option is the string to append and/or prepend when truncation occurs (Default: "...").');
-$strTriggers = __('Triggers');
-$strTruncateQueries = __('Truncate Shown Queries');
-$strTurkish = __('Turkish');
-$strType = __('Type');
-$strUkrainian = __('Ukrainian');
-$strUncheckAll = __('Uncheck All');
-$strUnicode = __('Unicode');
-$strUnique = __('Unique');
-$strUnknown = __('unknown');
-$strUnselectAll = __('Unselect All');
-$strUnsupportedCompressionDetected = __('You attempted to load file with unsupported compression (%s). Either support for it is not implemented or disabled by your configuration.');
-$strUpdatePrivMessage = __('You have updated the privileges for %s.');
-$strUpdateProfileMessage = __('The profile has been updated.');
-$strUpdateQuery = __('Update Query');
-$strUpdComTab = __('Please see the documentation on how to update your column_comments table');
-$strUpgrade = __('You should upgrade to %s %s or later.');
-$strUploadErrorCantWrite = __('Failed to write file to disk.');
-$strUploadErrorExtension = __('File upload stopped by extension.');
-$strUploadErrorFormSize = __('The uploaded file exceeds the MAX_FILE_SIZE directive that was specified in the HTML form.');
-$strUploadErrorIniSize = __('The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.');
-$strUploadErrorNoTempDir = __('Missing a temporary folder.');
-$strUploadErrorPartial = __('The uploaded file was only partially uploaded.');
-$strUploadErrorUnknown = __('Unknown error in file upload.');
-$strUploadLimit = __('You probably tried to upload too large file. Please refer to %sdocumentation%s for ways to workaround this limit.');
-$strUploadsNotAllowed = __('File uploads are not allowed on this server.');
-$strUsage = __('Usage');
-$strUseBackquotes = __('Enclose table and field names with backquotes');
-$strUseHostTable = __('Use Host Table');
-$strUserAlreadyExists = __('The user %s already exists!');
-$strUserEmpty = __('The user name is empty!');
-$strUserName = __('User name');
-$strUserNotFound = __('The selected user was not found in the privilege table.');
-$strUserOverview = __('User overview');
-$strUsersDeleted = __('The selected users have been deleted successfully.');
-$strUsersHavingAccessToDb = __('Users having access to "%s"');
-$strUser = __('User');
-$strUseTabKey = __('Use TAB key to move from value to value, or CTRL+arrows to move anywhere');
-$strUseTables = __('Use Tables');
-$strUseTextField = __('Use text field');
-$strUseThisValue = __('Use this value');
-$strValidateSQL = __('Validate SQL');
-$strValidatorError = __('The SQL validator could not be initialized. Please check if you have installed the necessary PHP extensions as described in the %sdocumentation%s.');
-$strValue = __('Value');
-$strVar = __('Variable');
-$strVersionInformation = __('Version information');
-$strViewDumpDatabases = __('View dump (schema) of databases');
-$strViewDumpDB = __('View dump (schema) of database');
-$strViewDump = __('View dump (schema) of table');
-$strViewHasAtLeast = __('This view has at least this number of rows. Please refer to %sdocumentation%s.');
-$strViewHasBeenDropped = __('View %s has been dropped');
-$strViewImage = __('View image');
-$strViewName = __('VIEW name');
-$strViewVideo = __('View video');
-$strView = __('View');
-$strWebServerUploadDirectoryError = __('The directory you set for upload work cannot be reached');
-$strWebServerUploadDirectory = __('web server upload directory');
-$strWebServer = __('Web server');
-$strWelcome = __('Welcome to %s');
-$strWestEuropean = __('West European');
-$strWiki = __('Wiki');
-$strWildcard = __('wildcard');
-$strWindowNotFound = __('The target browser window could not be updated. Maybe you have closed the parent window, or your browser\'s security settings are configured to block cross-window updates.');
-$strWithChecked = __('With selected:');
-$strWriteRequests = __('Write requests');
-$strWrongUser = __('Wrong username/password. Access denied.');
-$strXMLError = __('The XML file specified was either malformed or incomplete. Please correct the issue and try again.');
-$strXMLExportContents = __('Export contents');
-$strXMLExportFunctions = __('Export functions');
-$strXMLExportProcedures = __('Export procedures');
-$strXMLExportStructs = __('Export Structure Schemas (recommended)');
-$strXMLExportTables = __('Export tables');
-$strXMLExportTriggers = __('Export triggers');
-$strXMLExportViews = __('Export views');
-$strXML = __('XML');
-$strYes = __('Yes');
-$strZeroRemovesTheLimit = __('Note: Setting these options to 0 (zero) removes the limit.');
-$strZip = __('"zipped"');
diff --git a/libraries/replication_gui.lib.php b/libraries/replication_gui.lib.php
index 4e85e32..db41b20 100644
--- a/libraries/replication_gui.lib.php
+++ b/libraries/replication_gui.lib.php
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ function PMA_replication_db_multibox()
  * prints out code for changing master
- * @param String $submitname - submit button name 
+ * @param String $submitname - submit button name
 function PMA_replication_gui_changemaster($submitname) {
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ function PMA_replication_gui_changemaster($submitname) {
     list($username_length, $hostname_length) = PMA_replication_get_username_hostname_length();
     echo '<form method="post" action="server_replication.php">';
-    echo PMA_generate_common_hidden_inputs('', ''); 
+    echo PMA_generate_common_hidden_inputs('', '');
     echo ' <fieldset id="fieldset_add_user_login">';
     echo '  <legend>' . __('Slave configuration') . ' - ' . __('Change or reconfigure master server') . '</legend>';
     echo __('Make sure, you have unique server-id in your configuration file (my.cnf). If not, please add the following line into [mysqld] section:') . '<br />';
@@ -99,7 +99,11 @@ function PMA_replication_print_status_table($type, $hidden = false, $title = tru
     echo '<div id="replication_' . $type . '_section" style="' . ($hidden ? 'display: none;' : '') . '"> ';
     if ($title) {
-        echo '<h4><a name="replication_' . $type . '"></a>' . ${"strReplicationStatus_{$type}"} . '</h4>';
+        if ($type == 'master') {
+            echo '<h4><a name="replication_' . $type . '"></a>' . __('Master status') . '</h4>';
+        } else {
+            echo '<h4><a name="replication_' . $type . '"></a>' . __('Slave status') . '</h4>';
+        }
     } else {
         echo '<br />';
@@ -123,19 +127,19 @@ function PMA_replication_print_status_table($type, $hidden = false, $title = tru
         // TODO change to regexp or something, to allow for negative match
-        if (isset(${"{$type}_variables_alerts"}[$variable]) 
+        if (isset(${"{$type}_variables_alerts"}[$variable])
             && ${"{$type}_variables_alerts"}[$variable] == ${"server_{$type}_replication"}[0][$variable]
         ) {
             echo '<span class="attention">';
-        } elseif (isset(${"{$type}_variables_oks"}[$variable]) 
+        } elseif (isset(${"{$type}_variables_oks"}[$variable])
             && ${"{$type}_variables_oks"}[$variable] == ${"server_{$type}_replication"}[0][$variable]
         ) {
             echo '<span class="allfine">';
         } else {
             echo '<span>';
-        echo ${"server_{$type}_replication"}[0][$variable]; 
+        echo ${"server_{$type}_replication"}[0][$variable];
         echo '</span>';
         echo '  </td>';
@@ -159,7 +163,7 @@ function PMA_replication_print_status_table($type, $hidden = false, $title = tru
 function PMA_replication_print_slaves_table($hidden = false) {
     // Fetch data
-    $data = PMA_DBI_fetch_result('SHOW SLAVE HOSTS', null, null); 
+    $data = PMA_DBI_fetch_result('SHOW SLAVE HOSTS', null, null);
     echo '  <br />';
     echo '  <div id="replication_slaves_section" style="' . ($hidden ? 'display: none;' : '') . '"> ';
diff --git a/scripts/find_unused_messages.sh b/scripts/find_unused_messages.sh
index c557c0d..ea8394b 100755
--- a/scripts/find_unused_messages.sh
+++ b/scripts/find_unused_messages.sh
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ tmp2=`mktemp`
 grep -o '^\$\<str[A-Z][a-zA-Z0-9_]*\>' libraries/messages.inc.php \
     | tr -d '$' \
     | grep -Ev '^str(Transformation_|ShowStatus)' | sort -u > $tmp1
-grep -ho '\<str[A-Z][a-zA-Z0-9_]*\>' `find . -type f -a -name '*.php' -a -not -path '*/libraries/messages.inc.php'` \
+grep -ho '\<str[A-Z][a-zA-Z0-9_]*\>' `find . -type f -a -name '*.php' -a -not -path '*/libraries/messages.inc.php' -a -not -path '*/js/messages.php' -a -not -path '*.js'` \
     | grep -Ev '^str(Transformation_|ShowStatus|Setup)' | sort -u > $tmp2
 echo Please note that you need to check results of this script, it doesn\'t
diff --git a/tbl_tracking.php b/tbl_tracking.php
index 1d93117..5f2b905 100644
--- a/tbl_tracking.php
+++ b/tbl_tracking.php
@@ -506,7 +506,7 @@ if (isset($_REQUEST['report']) || isset($_REQUEST['report_export'])) {
     $str_export1 =  '<select name="export_type">' .
                     '<option value="sqldumpfile">' . __('SQL dump (file download)') . '</option>' .
                     '<option value="sqldump">' . __('SQL dump') . '</option>' .
-                    '<option value="execution" onclick="alert(\'' . __('SQL execution') .'\')">' . __('SQL execution') . '</option>' .
+                    '<option value="execution" onclick="alert(\'' . PMA_escapeJsString(__('This option will replace your table and contained data.')) .'\')">' . __('SQL execution') . '</option>' .
     $str_export2 = '<input type="submit" name="report_export" value="' . __('Go') .'" />';


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