[Phpmyadmin-translators] again for 2.3.4

Marc Delisle delislma at CollegeSherbrooke.qc.ca
Mon Dec 16 08:11:03 CET 2002


well it looks like we need you a lot for the next version (due in mid-January).


$timespanfmt = '%s days, %s hours, %s minutes and %s seconds';

$strAbortedClients = 'Aborted';
$strConnections = 'Connections';
$strFailedAttempts = 'Failed attempts';
$strGlobalValue = 'Global value';
$strMoreStatusVars = 'More status variables';
$strPerHour = 'per hour';
$strQueryStatistics = '<b>Query statistics</b>: Since its startup, %s queries have been sent to the server.';
$strQueryType = 'Query type';
$strReceived = 'Received';
$strSent = 'Sent';
$strServerStatus = 'Runtime Information';
$strServerStatusUptime = 'This MySQL server has been running for %s. It started up on %s.';
$strServerTabVariables = 'Variables';
$strServerTabProcesslist = 'Processes';
$strServerTrafficNotes = '<b>Server traffic</b>: These tables show the network
traffic statistics of this MySQL server since its startup.';
$strServerVars = 'Server variables and settings';
$strSessionValue = 'Session value';
$strTraffic = 'Traffic';
$strVar = 'Variable';
$strCommand = 'Command';
$strCouldNotKill = 'phpMyAdmin was unable to kill thread %s. It probably has
already been closed.';
$strId = 'ID';
$strProcesslist = 'Process list';
$strStatus = 'Status';
$strTime = 'Time';
$strThreadSuccessfullyKilled = 'Thread %s was successfully killed.';

$strBzError = 'phpMyAdmin was unable to compress the dump because of a broken
Bz2 extension in this php version. It is strongly recommended to set the
  <code>$cfg[\'BZipDump\']</code> directive in your phpMyAdmin configuration file
to <code>FALSE</code>. If you want to use the Bz2 compression features, you should
upgrade to a later php version. See php bug report %s for details.';
$strLaTeX = 'LaTeX';

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