[Phpmyadmin-translators] new Privileges page

Marc Delisle DelislMa at CollegeSherbrooke.qc.ca
Sat Dec 28 04:05:05 CET 2002


another batch of translations :)


$strAdministration = 'Administration';
$strFlushPrivilegesNote = 'Note: phpMyAdmin gets the users\' privileges 
directly from MySQL\'s privilege tables. The content of this tables may 
differ from the privileges the server uses if manual changes have made 
to it. In this case, you should %sreload the privileges%s before you 
$strGlobalPrivileges = 'Global privileges';
$strGrantOption = 'Grant';
$strPrivDescAllPrivileges = 'Includes all privileges except GRANT.';
$strPrivDescAlter = 'Allows altering the structure of existing tables.';
$strPrivDescCreateDb = 'Allows creating new databases and tables.';
$strPrivDescCreateTbl = 'Allows creating new tables.';
$strPrivDescCreateTmpTable = 'Allows creating temporary tables.';
$strPrivDescDelete = 'Allows deleting data.';
$strPrivDescDropDb = 'Allows dropping databases and tables.';
$strPrivDescDropTbl = 'Allows dropping tables.';
$strPrivDescExecute = 'Allows running stored procedures; Has no effect 
in this MySQL version.';
$strPrivDescFile = 'Allows importing data from and exporting data into 
$strPrivDescGrant = 'Allows adding users and privileges without 
reloading the privilege tables.';
$strPrivDescIndex = 'Allows creating and dropping indexes.';
$strPrivDescInsert = 'Allows inserting and replacing data.';
$strPrivDescLockTables = 'Allows locking tables for the current thread.';
$strPrivDescMaxConnections = 'Limits the number of new connections the 
user may open per hour.';
$strPrivDescMaxQuestions = 'Limits the number of queries the user may 
send to the server per hour.';
$strPrivDescMaxUpdates = 'Limits the number of commands that change any 
table or database the user may execute per hour.';
$strPrivDescProcess3 = 'Allows killing processes of other users.';
$strPrivDescProcess4 = 'Allows viewing the complete queries in the 
process list.';
$strPrivDescReferences = 'Has no effect in this MySQL version.';
$strPrivDescReplClient = 'Gives the right to the user to ask where the 
slaves /masters are.';
$strPrivDescReplSlave = 'Needed for the replication slaves.';
$strPrivDescReload = 'Allows reloading server settings and flushing the 
server\'s caches.';
$strPrivDescSelect = 'Allows reading data.';
$strPrivDescShowDb = 'Gives access to the complete list of databases.';
$strPrivDescShutdown = 'Allows shutting down the server.';
$strPrivDescSuper = 'Allows connections, even if maximum number of 
connections is reached; Required for most administrative operations like 
setting global variables or killing threads of other users.';
$strPrivDescUpdate = 'Allows changing data.';
$strPrivDescUsage = 'No privileges.';
$strPrivilegesReloaded = 'The privileges were reloaded successfully.';
$strResourceLimits = 'Resource limits';
$strUserOverview = 'User overview';
$strZeroRemovesTheLimit = 'Note: Setting these options to 0 (zero) 
removes the limit.';
$strPasswordChanged = 'The Password for %s was changed successfully.';
$strDeleteAndFlush = 'Delete the users and reload the privileges 
$strDeleteAndFlushDescr = 'This is the cleanest way, but reloading the 
privileges may take a while.';
$strDeleting = 'Deleting %s';
$strJustDelete = 'Just delete the users from the privilege tables.';
$strJustDeleteDescr = 'The "deleted" users will still be able 
to access the server as usual until the privileges are reloaded.';
$strReloadingThePrivileges = 'Reloading the privileges';
$strRemoveSelectedUsers = 'Remove selected users';
$strRevokeAndDelete = 'Revoke all active privileges from the users and 
delete them afterwards.';
$strRevokeAndDeleteDescr = 'The users will still have the USAGE 
privilege until the privileges are reloaded.';
$strUsersDeleted = 'The selected users have been deleted successfully.';

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