[Phpmyadmin-translators] Changes in translations

Vilius Zigmantas / Kryptis vz at kryptis.lt
Sat Jun 15 02:36:02 CEST 2002


Everything seems to look fine. My editor don't understand
utf-8, but in viewer everything is good. I'm writing about
Lithuanian translation.

Vilius Zigmantas,

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Sent: Friday, June 14, 2002 11:30 PM
Subject: [Phpmyadmin-translators] Changes in translations

> Hi translators
> Since today phpMyAdmin allows using other charset in HTTP and when working
> with mysql. This requires translations to use some charset that won't break
> anything during conversion. Currently will be used utf-8 so translations
> should be converted to this charset, while also keeping current one to allow
> working in some browsers (are there any?) which don't support utf-8.
> Majority of these conversion can be done automatically with script I wrote,
> but I need you to check if there didn't occur any problem. This script can do
> also conversion between charsets being used in one translation (for example
> czech translation had till now two version, one in windows-1250 and one in
> iso-8859-2).
> There are also some "problematical" translations which will require
> translators co-operation. These are:
> georgian (because of x-user-defined charset is not supported by iconv)
> hebrew (because of iso-8859-8-i charset is not supported by iconv)
> korean (because of ks_c_5601-1987 charset is not supported by iconv)
> slovak (because there are two a bit different translations maintained by two
> people and now only one of them is needed, other will be generated
> automatically, so I need to know which one will be maintained)
> chinesse (there are two translations - chinese_big5 and chinese_gb - and I
> really don't know whether to handle them as two separate translations or just
> as one in different charsets)
> I converted current cvs version to utf-8 (where it worked) and the result is
> available at http://cihar.liten.cz/PMA-translations/. There is also script
> which does this conversion (sync_lang.sh). So please have a look at your
> converted translation and send me your comments.
> Regards
> Michal Cihar
> nijel at users dot sourceforge dot net
> http://cihar.liten.cz
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