[Phpmyadmin-translators] On line translating system

Geert Lund - www.GLD.dk phpmyadmin-devel at silversoft.dk
Fri Dec 9 09:05:05 CET 2005

Hi there.

> > Would you prefer manual file editing or web based system?
> I think I prefer manual but I guess the majority of translators would 
> prefer web. But maybe I would prefer web after a few times.

As one that "often" translates different kinds of websoftware - I would
agree that unless some real magic is done in a webinterface - nothing
beats editing the files in my regular php-editor.

And I as a regular CVS user - can diff it agains previous versions or
own edits.

It gives me power to search for expressions - to see who a similar
expression has previeous been translated and I can cut and paste etc.

A webinterface might help somebody to better organize their translations
but in most cases I think that most people will prefer to have a

But - that said - the one method dosen't exclude the other. So if one
wants to spend ressources creating a webinterface to do the job, I can't
see why both solutions should be provided.

> > Should be access allowed to anyone or limit it to current translators?
> Tricky question, balancing between protecting the data and an inviting 
> system for new translators. I would say that data protection is more 
> important.

Translations should at least be approved by the official translator of
each langauge before included in the package. And if it's not possible
to get in touch with the official translator of a given langauge - you
should pass the job on to another :)

(and yes, I currently dosen't translate phpMyAdmin but originally
translated the danish version)

Kind regards
Geert Lund,

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