[Phpmyadmin-translators] Re: On line translating system

Michal Čihař michal at cihar.com
Fri Dec 9 09:14:12 CET 2005


On Fri, 09 Dec 2005 18:05:58 +0100
Geert Lund - www.GLD.dk <phpmyadmin-devel at silversoft.dk> wrote:

> A webinterface might help somebody to better organize their translations
> but in most cases I think that most people will prefer to have a
> textfile.
> But - that said - the one method dosen't exclude the other. So if one
> wants to spend ressources creating a webinterface to do the job, I can't
> see why both solutions should be provided.

It was primary goal of this post -- to find out whether such effort will
be used by someone or it is useless to make such interface. Up to now
most people prefer manual translation only one voted for web based one
(I do not count those: I prefer manual, but it might be useful). This
doesn't give me motivation to implement it, but only ten people have
replied so far...

	Michal Čihař | http://cihar.com
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