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Patricia Dewenter pattd222 at comcast.net
Sun Jul 31 18:32:04 CEST 2005

Hello -

My lying and cheat of a husband's list  is sitting on my server! Husband is
off cheating and ftping in, or was.... I do not  like this situation as his
computer is under FBI impound and I will not hand over the back up tape that
I did and wiped it before releasing it.

You continue to attenue however to attempt to contact me and my wharz will
not let you through, and I have no idea what list he kept with you. I rather
need to know as I look to protect the good from the bad, see allof you as
good, and while I could and have logged in as him without his password I see
no communication from him to you meaning he may have ftp'ed the list out,
which may be fine or it may not be fine as I have no idea what again was
kept with you and how deeply they will search THOUGH I ATTEMPTED IN THE
SHORT amount of time I had of time to remover everything, I am certain I did
not get it all.

I have zip means of contacting him and now your showing up in my log file on
a daily basis though there does not appear to be any interest now in what I
have. I went through all of your messages and see none from him but then as
I do not really know him afterall he could be anyone to you and me.

Frankly I am hoping he simply kept his Volvo list with you, but I really
have no way of knowing what was where. Too many lies and to much was on his
system and so many back up tapes, that I did my best but only for people
like you to hide and they are no around now, as I certainly would have no
reason to assist a liar and cheating husband who left THAT information which
holds a great deal of interest to them for some unknown reason, perhaps a
minor was involved??? I sit with zip info on this entire sitation. In
following on file I ended up here. I had written it down in my head.

Please advise. If it is only the Volvo list than let it be. Nothing there to
be concerned about. If it is other things cut it off now, though it may
still be found I promise they are not interested in who hosted a damn thing.
That is not what they are looking for.

I would assume he would have used Brick Parts or his real name but ??? Evan
Reisner. Damage control only advice needed and perhaps not even that if it
is a Volvo list.

Patricia Reisner

ps - also some called me last week was that any one of you? I was in the
midst of this and whomever said they would not pursue making changes. I was
A TAD DISTRUGHT at that moment and still am. I SAID LITTLE for A GOOD
reason. I had no idea they were looking for his computer and now for him and
his laptop which even he does not know as he is unable to be reached and I
would not be the ones to advise him of this if I were you or I myself unless
this is merely were brick parts has sat for many years...

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