[Phpmyadmin-devel] 2.2.4 revision

Christian Schaffner schaffner at eeh.ee.ethz.ch
Mon Dec 10 04:47:02 CET 2001

Hi Loic!

Um 22:54 Uhr +0100 am 8.12.2001, Loïc schrieb:
>Let's talk about the 2.2.4 release now. With Marc we've fixed many very
>little bugs since 2.2.3 (maybe it means the 2.2.? group is becoming really
>stable :)) and I think we should quickly release a 2.2.4.

We are using version 2.2.2 and I have to say: PMA is just great!

>- if pointers (in left frame and while browsing tables)  works with your
>   browser(s), ie there are neither js error, nor display bugs.

A comment on the left frame:

We use OmniWeb 4.1sp11 
(http://www.omnigroup.com/ftp/pub/outgoing/sneakypeek/) for MacOS X 
10.1 with PMA. It works ok but the expanding/collapsing does not seem 
to work: All databases are expanded all the time and  it is not 
possible to collapse them. This is not really an issue but still...

Also the size of the fonts is too big in OmniWeb 4.1. Would it be 
possible to add OmniWeb to your supported browsers?

Thank you for your attention,
Christian Schaffner.

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