[Phpmyadmin-devel] 2.2.4 revision

Loïc loic-div at ifrance.com
Mon Dec 10 05:51:02 CET 2001

Hi Christian & List!

>We are using version 2.2.2 and I have to say: PMA is just

Fine :o

>A comment on the left frame:
>We use OmniWeb 4.1sp11

>It works ok but the expanding/collapsing does not seem
>to work: All databases are expanded all the time and  it is
>not possible to collapse them...

It just means PMA works well: it has detected your browser
does not support neither DHTML, neither DOM (or at least
not enough DOM) and then do not use the features that
requires these componants. Else you'll face at least many
javascript error messages.

>Also the size of the fonts is too big in OmniWeb 4.1. Would
>it be possible to add OmniWeb to your supported

Of course, as soon as you can help us to choose the default
font size to use.
Just edit the "libraries/common.lib.php3" script and move to
the "PMA_setFontSizes" function: it defines the default font
size depending on the OS, the browser.... Patch it to fit your
wants (note that the "PMA_USR_BROWSER_AGENT"
constant used in this function is defined in the
"libraries/defines.lib.php3" library).


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