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Marc Delisle DelislMa at CollegeSherbrooke.qc.ca
Mon Apr 8 12:16:08 CEST 2002

Robin Johnson a écrit :
> Just a note. My week of final exams is April 15th -> 19th, and then I am
> taking a week off relaxing, after which, I will be resuming a lot of work
> on phpMyAdmin.
> Your database stored configuration should be ready in a month or so. It
> presently exists as a table by the name of 'config' in my database, and
> just works barely. I need to improve a lot of it still before it's ready
> for any other development work, and I want to make it more extensible.
> For work on it, there is one thing I need to ask about. Would it be
> feasible to get the existing code written to use a pair of functions,
> pma_getvariable($name) and pma_setvariable($name,$data) whenever we are
> dealing with a configuration variable? That would be used to 'hide' the
> configuration system from the other developers, and reduce possible
> problems. I am using the PHP serialize/unserialize to store data in the
> database presently.


I am not against using functions, but:

- what about the existing arrays in config.inc.php3?

- implementing pma_getvariable() all over the code will be a lot of work, so I suggest before
starting this, to think also about a possible User Preferences module (db-stored also).

Marc Delisle

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