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Marc Delisle DelislMa at CollegeSherbrooke.qc.ca
Thu Apr 25 06:06:04 CEST 2002

Robin Johnson a écrit :
> Ok, after one instance of $cfgServer that was missed by somebody, the CVS
> copy now appears to be back in a functional state.
> I don't forsee any of my other changes breaking PMA like this.

Looks good here too.
> Further more, did nobody else see my converter script to convert old
> instances of the configuration file to the new version?

Ok I just tested it, the converter looks ok here, but:

- We should document the fact that perl may be somewhere else than /usr/local/bin/perl

- Can it be done easily in PHP? I would prefer not adding PERL as a requirement for phpMyAdmin.
> It makes the libraries/config_import.lib.php3 file by Alex obsolete, as
> the user can convert the configuration file to the new format very easily.
> Do we want to use this to allow backwards compatibility, or do we require
> users to convert their configuration file with the Perl script?

I prefer a converter than maintaining config_import_lib.php3 and the future variables.
> Looking at functionality based on filenames, config_import.lib.php3
> describes what my new functions will be doing. Importing configuration
> data from external sources. So if we are doing away with Alex's
> compatibilty code, then I will reuse that file for my import functions.
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