[Phpmyadmin-devel] 2.3.0 tbl_properties split

"Thomas Bähr [Office]" baehr at glaswald.de
Sun Apr 28 05:50:02 CEST 2002

At 08:14 28.04.2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Marc Delisle a écrit :
> > - interface: it's about time we split the pages:  db_detail and 
> tbl_properties.
> >
> > Suggestions for the tbl_properties split
> > ----------------------------------------
> > - generally, we move large sections of tbl_properties to seperate pages
> >
> > - an [Export] link at the top, calling a page with the "view dump" dialog
> >
> >
> > - an [Attributes] link, for Alter table order by, Comments, Table type, 
> and the upcoming MyISAM
> > options (and InnoDB)
>Well, "Alter table order by" needs the field list, so probably will stay 
>on the first page.
>Still looking for a better word instead of [Attributes].
> >
> >
> > - an [Operations] link, for Rename, Move, Copy, Maintenance (4 items), 
> Flush, Drop (maybe Insert
> > data from a file)
>Done (Insert data from a file: I need your opinion).
> >
> >
> > - a [Structure] link, to show Fields and Indexes, + the Add field
> >
> > - (not sure about this) by default, users clicking on a table name 
> would see the familiar Browse,
> > Select, Insert, Empty, Drop  + the 4 new links, at the top, but not the 
> structure. I find that most
> > of the time, I don't want to see the structure, I just want to type 
> queries, use bookmarks, and be
> > able to use the other main links.
> >
> >
>Opinion about not seeing by default the structure?

I like that idea coz it always takes some time ( about 3-8 sec) to show the 
whole structure for my tables ( at least for the big once with lot of 
fields) and i never need that too.
same for db_details if i select a database ( im not sure, but i think there 
is a config setting for that ... as for nearly everything *G* .. getting to 
that later on in the text)

One more thing about  "...adding  additional config setting  ..." Im not 
sure how you guys feel but i think  every one more configurable item ( via 
config file) is adding to the confusion at least for standard 
users.  shoud'nt PMA be an easy to use tool for everybody !? or should it 
be a high-configurable Tools that might be able to fit every bodies need - 
i think most user will not find the config entry because they just use the 
tool but do not know all that behin-the-sciene things one would need to 
know about all that nice switches .. !?!? Ok the best would be a 
Web-Interface to
set/select all the things .. but that would lead into an PMA owned 
Database/Table to store the values ... hmm
and one more think every new switch for a new fantastic feature ( or is it 
a bug ... *G* ...) is also adding to the complexity of the code even now a 
lot of code is just there to check all of the switches, settings ....


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