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Sun Feb 2 15:05:34 CET 2003

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From: garvin_mailings at supergarv.de
> > Well, some time ago, I suggested to move the query box to a
> > JS window that may be opened via a link in the left frame.
> > If we used this idea, we could replace the old "SQL" tabs
> > (in the db view as well as in the table view) by an
> > "Insert" tab. Here, we could put the whole upload and
> > import stuff. I know this requires JS, but I'm sure we'll
> > find a solution for this :-)
> Even though something inside myself screams against using a
> popupwindow and JS-only features, I get to like the idea.

This won't be a JS-only feature. For non-JS users we could still offer
an alternative SQL page.

> But I think this is technically hard to get to work. I think
> the feature would make only sense if the window could hover
> the whole time on screen and will get updated with every
> query, leaving a query-history (which I personally would love
> to have implemented). And there's the problem, without a
> session management you can't get the variable transmission
> really to work. Because of the size of a query, you have to
> do it via POST. You can't redirect form-data from within a
> popup to the parent page. So you have to submit to the popup,
> which then remotely controls a hidden form in the left frame
> (by using opener.form.hiddenarea.value = $_POST['sql']) and
> then remotely submitting that form inside the left frame.

Well, lets leave the query history for now, that's making the whole
thing to complicated :o)
My idea was to make the query box available from every section of
phpMyAdmin without having to leave the current page, e.g. if you view a
query result and want to send a new query for which you need a couple of
values from this result page.

It should be technically possible:
The user clicks on a link in the left frame that opens and focuses the
popup window with the SQL query box. He enters his query and submits it
directly to the main frame of phpMyAdmin instead of the popup window
itself. Then, the result page would close the window automatically.

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From: Michal Cihar
% I don't like JS popups at all, they just make more opened
% windows and so cause larger mess on my desktops... And I
% don't se any need for one more window here.

I'd normally agree with you, Michal, but I don't see your point here.
This popup doesn't hurt anyone: You open it, type your query in, press
submit and the windows closes itself...
btw, you should give Opera a try, if you want to manage your browser
windows in a better way :-)

> We could, however make this popup window configable and throw
> the SQL box in, if the popup is disabled. We would then have
> to have a new place for it, if the SQL-button get's canceld,
> or display that label only for JS-disabled browsers.

imho, the link should be displayed for both:
- For JS-users, it opens the popup and
- for non-JS-users, it opens the query box in the main frame.

> Well...after I'm done with mime-stuff and if this is a way to
> go for others I could volunteer to implement the above
> mentioned approach. For SQL-history's sake! :)

We won't stop you :o)

> BTW, as I'm not into the project in general, what are/were
> your reasons against sessions, if any?

First of all, the PHP3 compatibility. We try to keep the code PHP3
compatible as far as possible so we cannot take session support as a
requirement of phpMyAdmin.
But imho it'll be great to use sessions. This should lower down the
traffic a lot. I even thought about a session-equivalent to the cookie
authentification mode.
The problem always was to pass the session ID between the scripts if it
cannot be stored in a cookie and the transparent SID is disabled. But
this should be much easier now because of Michal's great URL query
generator code.
So far,

Alexander M. Turek
<alex at bugfixes.info>

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