[Phpmyadmin-devel] 'Insert data from a textfile into table' link place

Michal Cihar nijel at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Feb 2 15:24:02 CET 2003


On Sunday 02 February 2003 23:45, garvin_mailings at supergarv.de wrote:
> Which means, current and future phpMyAdmin-release will always be targeted
> at a PHP3 audience as well?

Yes, as long as it is possible...

> It's not that I think sessions are neccessary for phpMyAdmin, but at some
> point I think new features have to overwhelm the effort to stay
> backwards-compatible, also because PHP3 get's deprecated nowadays (simply
> because of security issues. I wouldn't want older exploitable php-versions
> running on my server).  And even then, PHP3-users surely upgrade their
> phpMyAdmin releases as often as they upgrade their PHP3... ;-)

There are situations where you can't upgrade php (you have only user acount) 
but you can (and want) upgrade phpMyAdmin. I still have acoount on one such 
machine, but I've currently almost pushed admin to upgrade PHP ;-).

	Michal Cihar
	nijel at users dot sourceforge dot net

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