[Phpmyadmin-devel] Future of phpMyAdmin

Marc Delisle Marc.Delisle at cegepsherbrooke.qc.ca
Thu May 25 13:57:05 CEST 2006

Hi Michal and list,

I continue to be motivated to work on the project, but at my pace. I was 
gone for 3 weeks, this explains my slowdown. Silence in the lists and 
CVS is not necessarily bad, because there are some bug reports that 
result in no action after testing (but it takes time to analyse).

The development speed is reduced with more and more dormant developers 
on the team, and I can't force anyone to work :)

I get about 2 offers per month from new developers but when I redirect 
them to our FAQ (which says to first submit some code) no one seems 

About new features, maybe sponsoring developers for specific additions 
would help, with the limited donations we receive.

About bug tracking, we just need some people generous of their time...


Michal Čihař a écrit :
> Hi all
> Sorry for long mail, but I thing we should somehow face to future.
> Silence in mailing lists and CVS doesn't indicate anything good.
> It looks like all current team members are quite busy with other stuff
> or don't have motivation to work on phpMyAdmin. We're way behind
> current MySQL features by not supporting views and stored procedures,
> which even can not be entered as SQL as changing delimiter completely
> chokes our SQL parser/spliter.
> I myself hardly find time to do some work on phpMyAdmin when there are
> other project which attract me more and there is not only coding I want
> to do. Partly it is caused by me needs - I no longer require new
> features from phpMyAdmin for daily work, partly by lack of motivation
> for digging into quite complex parts of code.
> We probably need fresh blood for team, but I don't see anybody who
> could be interested for this. Anyway fresh blood doesn't mean long
> time active developer. Our latest acquisition (Sebastian) was very
> active in first six months (or so, I don't recall exact numbers) and
> then he seems to run into same problems as all others. This seems to
> tell me there is something wrong with project. Is it it's code base?
> Are team members not enough supportive? Probably partly both, but I
> can't tell real reason.
> There is need to move further, in current state we lack many needed
> features, which are requested. We won't loose our position in MySQL
> administration in near future as there is not much competence right
> now. However there are growing interesting projects like TurboDbAdmin
> [1] or even something like MySQL-Front [2] with PHP tunnel. They all
> have at least advantage of doing operations immediately and
> interactively and are not that limited by HTML/HTTP as phpMyAdmin.
> Sorry I can't propose where to go. Maybe we should take part on SoC [3]
> with some larger stuff (eg. stored procedure functions), but it's too
> late for it right now.
> 1. http://turboajax.com/turbodbadmin/
> 2. http://www.mysqlfront.de/
> 3. http://code.google.com/soc/

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