[Phpmyadmin-devel] Transition to template-based framework

Michael Keck sfnet at michaelkeck.de
Mon Mar 8 18:26:36 CET 2010

Okay ...

... if I should use a PHP-Framework, I'm thinking we should use the newest
Symfony and if released I would prefer use Symfony Reloaded 2.0
(http://symfony-reloaded.org/). The final release of Reloaded 2.0 is
planned for
*late 2010* and will only support *PHP 5.3.2*. This mean I (and others
to) would
have more time for integrate Symfony in PMA.

Should we open a separated development folder for this project?

Symfony has a full support for jQuery, so I think, it would be a good
solution, to
use it as our new JS-Framework?

Is it possible to make discussion about comments for html-output? It
would be
helpfull for me, to search in whole PMA-Scripts for it, and then sperate
PHP from
HTML. Many Thanks ;)


Am 08.03.2010 17:14, schrieb Michal Čihař:
> Hi
> Dne Mon, 08 Mar 2010 09:07:27 +0100
> Michael Keck <sfnet at michaelkeck.de> napsal(a):
>> Yes, why not?
>> But it would really help me, if developers leave comments, what is for
>> output.
>> My goal is to seperate PMA-function from html (-output). This will
>> support more
>> flexibility for layout and theming and perhabs to invide developers to make
>> only php code and others the html-output.
> This is definitely needed for long time, thanks for volunteering!
>> But which should I use?
>> I've found follow template engines, and I want to get little feeadback
>> which would be right and good for us:
>>     * TWIG
>>       Link: http://www.twig-project.org/)
>>       Info: it's made from the same peoples wich made Symfony.
>>       What I say: It's really fast (see
>>       http://fabien.potencier.org/article/34/templating-engines-in-php)
> I don't know anything about most of them, but the syntax of Twig looks
> same as Django uses and I use Django quite a lot these days (I
> understand this is really not a big argument for a project written in
> PHP :-))).
>>     * Smarty
>>       Link: http://www.smarty.net/
>>       Info: The most known.
>>       What I say: May be not a good choice. Marc gives me the link
>>       http://www.nosmarty.net
>> At my own, I think Symfony or Zend-Framework would be little overkill.
> Well this website rather looks like it is against using separate
> template system and prefers using full featured frameworks. It might be
> not a bad idea, however it is much more work for us and because of this
> I'd stay with separate template system, but possibly with some where
> upgrade path to some framework would not be that hard.
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