[Phpmyadmin-devel] Transition to template-based framework

Michael Keck sfnet at michaelkeck.de
Fri Mar 12 12:33:09 CET 2010


I see the points. Then by default caching is disabled.
I can distribute the compiled templates, but cached templates makes no
because theese are genereted by the installed environment. It means the
files includes servers, databases, language specific things etc.
Caching would be only a feature to improve perfomance.

Compiled templates are mainly php files. Perhabs, the we don't need to
the template sources, only the compiled version of them is required.
For developers we can distribute a default template source.
For us we should perhabs store all template sources in an etxra trunk?


Am 12.03.2010 12:18, schrieb Marc Delisle:
> Michal Čihař a écrit :
>> Hi
>> Dne Wed, 10 Mar 2010 10:49:44 +0100
>> Michael Keck <sfnet at michaelkeck.de> napsal(a):
>>> Okay ... then we should distributed needed directories. But wat is with
>>> files ... (cached/compiled templates)?
>> Is it possible to distribute them? Generally having writable directory
>> is problematic.
>>> Same limitations as directories?  I personality think, we should add
>>> documentation for setting rights on
>>> the new planned _cache/ directory.
>> Yes, we do so already for upload/save directories.
> Yes but these are optional features. We took great care of disabling 
> these by defaut, knowing that many users have problems even with 
> permission setting. Most users expect a solution that works out-of-the-box.
> It might be different with distros, however. I don't really know how 
> many users run phpMyAdmin via a distro but seeing our download rate, a 
> huge number install it by themselves.
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