[Phpmyadmin-devel] AJAXify phpMyAdmin Interface - GSOC 2011 - Table->Operations -> table options

Thilanka Kaushalya lgtkaushalya at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 13:28:47 CEST 2011

Hi Marc,

> I'm not sure we should ajaxify this right now. The reason is that if
> this means that the insert panel will be reduced (like what is done for
> create table), it could diminish usability.
> We already have to deal with the problems caused by the reduced Create
> table panel, so let's not add a reduced panel for Insert.
> >
> > If you find any other important feature to work other than this, please
> let
> > me know.
> Something useful would be to convert older code to jQuery, like
> libraries/js/querywindow.js.
I started rewrite the four functions in querywindow.js file. But I have the
issue with that.

   1. I rewrote the "*PMA_querywindowCommit()*" and "*
   PMA_querywindowSetFocus()*" functions and since those functions are
   triggered when clicking on "*SQL*" tab I can check the accuracy of the
   modifications. But I cannot find a scenario where I can check "*
   PMA_queryAutoCommit()*" and "*PMA_querywindowResize()*" functions. Please
   can you explain me a scenario where these two functions are use.

Thank you.


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