[Phpmyadmin-devel] Display multiple query results

Chanaka Dharmarathna pe.chanaka.ck at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 16:37:20 CEST 2012


I'm trying to implement support for display multiple results which
generates from routines.
As I found the current problem when running a routine with multiple
queries, return result as false. This is due to using mysql_query function.
Routine with one query should work properly.

I only get the message of executed query (not get the expected table) when
run a stored procedure with single query. This should due to my changes on
previous commit. (I check with little older copy of PMA)
But I cannot find out what is the problem with that.

I have discovered these things :
PMA_DBI_try_query() function calls in PMA_importRunQuery() function in
import.lib.php (line 119) file and sql.php file (line 552)
But the results are different when call the same function with the same
PMA_DBI_try_query() returns correct result (mysql_result object) in the
first case and returns false in second case.

Its very helpful if anyone give me some guidance to fix this ?

Regards !

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