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On Tue, Jun 3, 2014 at 12:15 PM, Dhananjay Nakrani <
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> Hello everyone,
> I'm trying to fix the failing tests for the code I developed. I need a
> little help from the community in it.
> I am providing appropriate new data in the data provider in
> 'PMA_Error_Handler_Test::providerForTestHandleError()' [0]. That data
> contains a string with empty single quotes ('') in it (see, Line#98 [1]
> ). So, I escaped it with backslash (\) and passed it as (\'\'). But that
> gives a very weird behavior. See Line#342  [2] of the log where it starts
> repeating the string again in itself. It seems to be going in recursion
> somewhere.
> Am I doing anything wrong Or is it just a bug in PHPUnit?
> Is there anyway I can fix this??
> [0]:
> https://github.com/dhananjay92/phpmyadmin/blob/dhananjay-gsoc-dev/test/classes/PMA_Error_Handler_test.php#L87
> [1]:
> https://github.com/dhananjay92/phpmyadmin/blob/dhananjay-gsoc-dev/test/classes/PMA_Error_Handler_test.php#L98
> [2]: https://travis-ci.org/dhananjay92/phpmyadmin/jobs/26636648#L342
> Thanks,
> Dhananjay Nakrani.
I don't think its a bug in PHPUnit. Its happening because of backtrace
information part in error handler due to which whatever parameters you are
passing to testGetDispErrorsForDisplayFalse() will reappear in $output in
backtrace section. Moreover, the parameters will be converted using
htmlspecialchars(). As the 6th parameter ($output_hide) of the function
contains html tags it will get converted by htmlspecialchars and then added
to the $output (this is the thing that appears at L342 of [2] you mentioned
before). So, you have to change your 6th parameter of data set #0 so that
it does not contain html tags. Note that you cannot even replace your
parameter with htmlspecialchars() equivalent string like string containing
< or > because each '&' of that string will again be replaced by
& again and again. Hence, change your test data accordingly.

Chirayu Chiripal
phpMyAdmin Intern - Google Summer of Code 2014
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