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Michal Čihař michal at cihar.com
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Dne 9.2.2016 v 21:25 Dan Ungureanu napsal(a):
> The first time I sent my proposal for Google Summer of Code 2015 I tried
> finding libraries that would fit phpMyAdmin. Because I found none I
> thought that I could create a library on my own hoping that others (not
> only phpMyAdmin) would benefit from it and will help developing it
> (testing, sending bug reports, etc). I talked with Marc and he seemed to
> be fine with this.
> After the summer ended, I was planning on talking with Marc to transfer
> the library to phpMyAdmin, but I did not get to do that. Hopefully, we
> can do this soon.

Okay, let's process with this (see mail I've sent you privately).

> In my opinion, the best option would be to manage dependencies with
> Composer, but I proposed this in the past and people did not consider
> this a very good idea. Anyway, I still believe that keeping the library
> in a different repository is the best way because:
>  - it makes bug fixing easier; no need to merge upstream, older versions
> of phpMyAdmin may be easier to patch, etc;
>  - the changes to the library don't pollute the change log of phpMyAdmin;
>  - it is designed as a "module" to phpMyAdmin and the logic related to
> SQL queries is separated;
>  - maybe at some time in the future the library will also be used in
> other projects.

I still want the library to be kept in separate repository. I just want
to embed that one inside phpmyadmin one as a submodule, see

I'm not sure about using Composer - people still expect to find complete
tarball on our website...

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