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Michal Čihař michal at cihar.com
Fri Jan 20 13:28:35 CET 2017


Isaac Bennetch píše v Čt 19. 01. 2017 v 21:21 -0500:
> Hello developers,
> We are less than a week away from the scheduled release of 4.6.6 and
> 4.7.0-beta (at least, I'm anticipating calling it 'beta' with no
> public 'alpha' release, as we get lots of reports on 'master' as it
> is, feel free to object if you disagree).

Sounds reasonable.

> We currently have two issues marked as blocking 4.6.6 [1], although
> the search issue has a patch and appears to be a trivial fix. Fixing
> Designer may be more difficult.

I'm not sure if #12804 is bug which should block 4.6.6. Anyway I can
not reproduce the problem on normal tables, however I get error with
some specially named (which were causing XSS in past). But that was
probably broken since the designer has been introduced...

> Anyway, we have a number of issues remaining on 4.7.0, but currently
> nothing that I think should block the beta release.

That's true, let's ship it out to get more testing :-). Honestly there
will be quite some javascript issues and if there will be too many, we
might rollback to jQuery 2.x.

> Unless we hit a blocker on 4.6.6, I intend to go ahead with the
> releases pretty much on schedule, as well as create the QA_4_7 branch
> so that we can easily feature-freeze 4.7.x. So for a short while,
> we'll be supporting QA_4_6, QA_4_7, and master branches. Strings for
> 4.7.x will freeze next week as well so that translators can finish
> their work before the final release.

Sounds good.

> I believe we discussed the possibility of calling the upcoming
> release
> 5.0.0, due to the change to using Composer for dependency handling,
> and I believe no one really supported that proposal mostly because we
> aren't changing anything for the users in a way to justify a major
> version change.

I don't see strong reason for 5.0.0, also the number 4.7 still looks
reasonable, we simply might go to 5.0 after 4.9 ;-).

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