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Michal Čihař michal at cihar.com
Fri Mar 3 08:49:47 CET 2017


Manish Bisht píše v Čt 02. 03. 2017 v 21:00 +0530:
> Its better for us as:
> 1. Able to message members even when they are not online.
> 2. Integrate Google hangout for calls and video conferencing https://
> slack.com/apps/A0F7YS351-google-hangouts
> 3. Apps Integrations : https://slack.com/apps
> 4. Code snippets: Slack has built-in support for them. On IRC you’re
> just asked to use a pastebin like Gist.
> 5. File transfers: Slack does them. IRC also does them through XDCC,
> but this can be difficult to get working.
> 6. Persistent sessions: Slack makes it so that you can see what you
> missed when you return. With IRC, you don’t have this. If you want
> it, you can set up an IRC bouncer like ZNC.
> 5. Integrations: with things like build bots.
> > Some of them were mentioned on the same link that you have written.

Okay, there are some features we don't need, some which were in IRC for
ages (bots), but there are certainly some things which could be useful
(offline messaging and session persistence). Do you have experience how
does Slack compare to Gitter?

> Yes, By default it is invite only. But I have seen that the other
> organisations have automated it using code. So that the process
> become similar to subscribing to mailing list. Here is the code and
> deploying steps available.
> 1. https://github.com/outsideris/slack-invite-automation
> 2. https://github.com/rauchg/slackin
> First one will be better to use and deploy to Heroku.
> I can also help in setting it up.

Sorry, but I'm not going to workaround platform deficiencies by
deploying additional apps unless absolutely necessary - this is
something what can easily break and  we really don't want to maintain
additional infrastructure with small manpower we have.

> No need for guest account. as we can now add members to slack same as
> that of how members are added in mailing list.
> We can't make archives publicly available but they are only for the
> users who are members of the channel.

I find this unacceptable for our usage.

Anyway to test the things, I've quickly setup both Slack and Gitter for



And at first look Gitter seems way better fit for what we do (keeping
away question WHETHER we want to move from IRC to something like this).

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